You can identify the kinky curly wigs or curly wigs, but it is difficult to identify the water wave or deep wave wigs for someone. If you will choose one wave wig in the same conditions, how can you select a suitable one for you? Here are some tips to help you understand the differences and choose.

Water wave wig:

Features with loose, relaxed curl pattern, which is like ripples of water. They are casual and beachy, providing a natural and effortless style. This is a picture of a water wave wig.


Deep wave wig:

Feature with tighter, defined curl pattern, which forms in an S-shaped. With a more voluminous look, deep-wave wigs are suited to wear at formal events. This is a picture of a deep wave.


How can you choose?

First, what are you going to wear?

Consider the occasions you are ready to go. For instance, a normal and casual for everyday wear, water wave wig is a good choice. For formal occasions like special ceremonies, a deep wave is better.

Second, what is your face shape?

Depend on the face shape to determine. Round or square face shape, we recommend choosing a water wave wig because it can soften the angles. Otherwise, oval or heart-shaped, a deep wave is better to add volume and balance your features.

Third, how much time you will spend?

Maintenance is importance for wigs, especially for wave wigs. Deep wave wigs require more effort and time to maintain than water wave wigs. Water waves with loose curls are needed less upkeep.

Fourth: what is your hair texture?

Water wave wigs are similar to hair with natural curls or wave hair. And deep wave wigs create a completely different look for straight hair. Follow your texture and the looking your want to select.


Whether which one you will choose, we hope you can choose water waves or deep waves easily to match you styles.

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