How secure is an LLC as far as the worst case scenario and lawsuit?

We are almost done building our house after years of toiling and I know others have had the same questions. My wife and I each own an LLC and hold the deed outright to the property. Lawyers are like doctors, best to do research and have questions ready before seeing them…

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  • Well, it's already pretty late, dude. You should have asked that before building the house. Now, you won't be able to split it that easily. You need to have an agreement between the two LLCs and the directors. Besides that, if you don't want to be thrown out in case of a divorce, you cannot do anything to avoid this situation. You should have done all this before building the damn house. Now, I recommend you develop your LLC and try to buy the one held by your wife. You might find helpful the information from . Trust me, and it's the best you can do right now.
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