As everyone is willing to contribute to spreading positivity in the community in these sad lockdown days. That's why our group of friends is also planning to conduct an online music concert. However, we are not going to present it a dull and boring way and we are willing to conduct like a rocking music concert that's why we are focusing a lot on the dressing.

We have almost decided to dress for drumbeater, piano player and vocalists but little confused about bass guitar and pedal player because it involves shoes as well. Many of my friends are in favour of a soft look with a t-shirt and shoes but I want a different look with shiny shoes and John 5 zombie style dressing without face paint. We are going to use preamp di pedal effect from here that's why you can also share your suggestions accordingly. 

On the other hand, it would be great if you suggest some dress colour ideas for this black Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive and Fender wood colour guitar? Do you think black leather shoes with leather jackets would work or as the pedal is black that's why we shouldn't pick the black colour for heals or shoes? With which other colours we can replace the black footwear?

All in all, we want to conduct it in a unique manner that's why we also want different dressing style. You can share your opinions by commenting below! 

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  • Hey, sorry if my question is irrelevant. Actually, I'm searching for some easy disney songs on guitar. Although, I've found some through this site but looking for more options. Can someone help please?
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  • Why does it sound so funny, I'm just dying of laughter. In a sense, it will be just a legendary outfit, but what is a pedal player in your case? I can still understand when people dress in the color of their guitar because, in some cases, it looks really strong and generally selects the musician's image. However, in this case, I have a lot of questions. From myself, I can advise you to dress in the style of custom guitar accessories of the service. I recently ordered a few picks from there in cool coloring, so I would use this idea if I were making a choice. Thank you for the good mood for the rest of the day.
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  • does anyone really think that there is a separate person for the pedal?
  • What are the pedal players lol? It's the first time I hear something as absurd as this. But design for pedalboards- that's understandable. And I love bass. Slap the base. Here's the song with crazy bass exs ohs . Every bass player will appreciate it. And check the other songs there. The website is very handy for finding new music.
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