Just as how zippers come in different styles, the choices for zipper sliders are also varied and many. Zipper sliders are known by numerous names such as pullers, teeth joiners, zipper car, pully thing and more. However, “sliders” is the official term being used in the industry.

One of the things that people should learn is to identify what makes one particular zipper slider different from others. As you can see, every slider is designed especially for the particular zipper where the slider is going to be used on.

There are people who try using a metal slider on a nylon coil zipper only to end up complaining that the zipper doesn’t function or work properly.

Zipper sliders are also the parts of zippers that tend to break really fast. Good thing that Zipper Shipper is here where you can get replacements for broken zipper sliders.

But before you start shopping for zipper slider replacements, first, take a look at the differences between every type of zipper slider in the market.

Nylon Coil Zippers

The zipper sliders on nylon coil zippers are unlike those on plastic molded or metal zippers. If you will try to observe them, you will notice that one side of this slider is flat. The flat side is because the back of the nylon coil zipper doesn’t feature teeth. It is something you need to remember if you want to replace sliders. There are people who tried replacing the sliders of their zippers but they didn’t function well because of the wrong type of slider they used. As they always say, one size doesn’t fit all.

Metal Zippers

When it comes to metal zippers, the first thing you will notice is how the teeth are extending away from zipper tape on the two sides of the zipper, back and front. Since the teeth extend away from the zipper tape on the two sides, you will see the upside down U shape that casts the slider mouth while a right side up letter U that slides along the teeth. For example, if you use this kind of metal slider on your nylon coil zipper, it will be impossible for the slider to engage properly and there is a chance that the teeth won’t close.

One tip you might want to keep in mind is that plastic molded sliders are casted the same way as that of metal zippers. This means that a plastic molded slider with the similar gauge size as that of a metal zipper is going to work just fine. But, a metal slider is not going to work on plastic molded zippers even if the gauge is the same.

These are some of the key differences between the types of zipper sliders to guide you through your unique zipper needs. Zipper sliders might seem like small details but they can be your biggest headaches if you aren’t too careful. If your zipper sliders are broken, worry no more because Zipper Shipper can help you with that.

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