Your handbags need to lose weight

Women will carrying a leather bags in hand or over the shoulder everydays, such as go to shopping, works, travel, adveture, etc.Mis Lee told reporters that he recently found the time to look in the mirror, the height of the shoulders a little bit different. She is not sure, Her colleagues looked at the results colleagues say: "It seems right shoulder a little lower." How did this happen? The fact that back to the thought for a moment, that is certainly accustomed to tote their own sake. As a secretary, she carries the package to follow the leader every day,the shoulders slowly over time have changed. Slowly began to frequent pain in shoulders.

Generally the heavy canvas bags make shoulder, neck, chest, arm, waist damage, early appearance of bone hyperplasia, suffering from cervical spondylosis. British chiropractic Association survey found that more than half of British women are enduring the pain caused by backpacks. Carrying a backpack is too heavy or improper posture, the damage on the human body is round.
What is itmes in women's heavy bags? Mobile phones, books, cosmetic bag, wallet, snacks, clothes and so on. Women's bags are generally more than four kilograms. Bags become a necessity for a female, they like to buy discount designer handbags. But do you know, What harm to carry heavy bags?

Large bags will often collapse in the side arm at the elbow is not good. If the elbow fixed in one position for a long time, can lead to muscle strain, causing arm numbness, weakness. If the long-term unilateral arm pull, the arm is prone to a coarse, the other a smaller case, and a long curved arm, the muscles are more fatigue. Over time, not only elbow pain, can not be lifting heavy loads, the worst case, even twist towels are difficult.
Shoulder bags for women will make the mechanical changes in the spine, resulting in scoliosis. Which side weight, the spine will bend which side, in order to balance the spine, the muscles would tense the other side, causing the muscle side of the loose side of the tight. Over time, muscle tension may be some inflammation, such as muscle strain, there will be conditions such as spinal facet joint dislocation. Regular prolonged use of one side of the shoulder, the shoulder will cause the level of ugly.

Women's bags should not exceed 3 kg. The data are mainly based on 50 kg, healthy women standard size. The human spine, such as tower crane, the left weight, the spine will bend to the left. In order to maintain the balance of the human spine, the spine on the right active contraction of the muscles, due to the different left and right side lever arm, the right muscles will produce several times the strength of the left. Like the left shoulder 5 kg weight, the right muscles may produce 15 to 20 kg of force to maintain the balance of the body, this power will eventually compression of the lumbar spine.

How to lose weight?

1 often change positions
Such as the shoulders back, Messenger, elbows collapse, hand carry, etc. rotations, thus reducing the time some part of the body damage.

2 for the backpack weight loss
You can go out some unnecessary things, essential items are selected as small pieces, such as cosmetics can carry small packages. Bag of things to a reasonable place, do not fall all the children are housed in a mezzanine inside.

3 Select the wide shoulder straps
Some packages are too thin strap, shoulder and neck can affect blood circulation, or nerve compression of the arm. Strap is too short or too thin, will be on the shoulder, arm lead to excessive pressure, so as to select the wide strap of the backpack.

4 weight distribution
If you want to really bring a lot of things, you can use a package to load more items, scattered site to load (for example, with a shoulder, a hand-held), the weight evenly distributed on both sides of the body.

5 Try to choose a backpack.
If you travel and other special circumstances, need something with a large package, the proposed selection shoulders a large canvas backpack, so that the two shoulders balanced by the force, no need to raise the side of the shoulders to maintain balance, can reduce damage to the body bag.

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