Every bride and groom hopes to take the perfect wedding picture, they all hope to freeze their most beautiful moment, but no one is perfect, everyone will have shortcomings more or less, a little flaw may damage your beautiful appearance, how to cover up your defects when taking wedding photos?

The bridge of the nose area

The nose bridge of tall and straight, delicate atmosphere always lets the bride's appearance look more beautiful, that how should the bride of low bridge of nose do? When shooting wedding gauze photograph, small make up proposal the bride and groom adopt frontal photograph, the photographer daylighting can use flat light bit, can appear the bridge of the nose tall and straight so, of course, the place of the bridge of the nose also can let makeup artist decorate slightly, the bridge of your nose pad tall.

Chin area

Some people, whether fat or thin, face of double chin would happen sometimes, feel to hang something under the chin, asymmetric not beautiful, take photos of nature does not look good, like this case, the bride can chin with both hands, also can use a few adornment, such as flowers, blocking cover her face but don't oh, this is nifty and have very good hides your double chin, take photos, of course, not bad.


Some of the bride's ears belong to the style of the inviting wind, so the bride is certainly not suitable for the front photo, which will obviously expose your defect. The bride is best to cover the defect with a veil when shooting, which is more beautiful and noble.

Now, do imperfect brides know how to hide their flaws? Dalian feather impression wedding photography for you to create the most popular, the most personality, the most beautiful fashion wedding photos, here we will let you feel the most unique wedding photos, wedding photos, let us lead you into a happy good time.

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