You are Invited to a Party!

You got the official party invitation! Now what do you wear? Yes, it’s important to follow the dress code. The invitation brings excitement and also leaves people puzzled; wondering what to wear. No need to panic, it’s time to impress with the right outfit. Also, parties are a great reason to get away from the usually boring interview or office attire.


Decode the Dress Code

It's important to decipher and follow the dress code. Some of the common dress codes are explained here to save you from any outfit mishaps.

White Tie: It’s the dress code for most formal events. This dress code is associated with presidential dinners, royal events, state dinners, and formal balls. Consider yourself lucky! Dress yourself in a white waistcoat, shirt and bow. Complete the dress with a black tailcoat jacket, trouser, socks and shoes.

Black Tie/Formal: It is a dress code for formal evening. This code is less formal than white tie. A man should dress himself in a black tuxedo, white shirt with a classic style collar, black bow tie and black shoes.

Black Tie Invited/Black Tie Optional:
It’s again formal but the host leaves the decision up to you. Picking up a black suit and tie with a white shirt is your best bet. One can also choose tuxedos in charcoal, brown or navy blue with a white shirt.

Cocktail Attire/Informal/Semi-formal:
A most popular formal dress that leaves a little space for creativity. Choose a suit and tie with dark hues other than black. An elegant patterned suit can also work. Solid tone or light pinstripe or low key check shirts with fresh laundering are acceptable. Select a pair of shoes such as Oxfords, brogues or monk-straps.

Business Attire:
It’s still a formal dress code but less than the cocktail attire. Employees generally wear business suits at the workplace. A dark color trouser with a matching jacket and long-sleeved shirt, a tie is optional.

Dressy Casual/Elegant Casual/Smart Casual:
It is a lighter version of business attire. It asks for wearing in a relaxed way but still jeans and T-shirts are a big no. A collared shirt, smart jacket/blazer and trousers with closed shoes is recommended.

Be in tune with the dress code and accept the compliments!

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