Custom boxes are playing significant role in effective product packaging. How a company encloses its product while it reaches the customer matters a lot. From furniture, to electronics, to clothing and many more, packaging plays an important role giving an impression about your company.

Companies are using custom boxes with logo to increase the value of product sent to their customers. Many companies use custom boxes for different reasons. From the variety of the sizes, to the different designing gives the custom boxes an extra charm. So, here are why many big companies are using custom boxes for their product packaging:

Size Variety

Products vary in shapes, sizes and designs. You can’t put all the products in one sized boxes. To make it look elegant and decent, different sized boxes are required. Custom boxes gives companies the ability to get the boxes designed according to their products which enhances their company’s image in so many ways.

Rather than putting a small product in a big box which will look quite unimpressive, custom boxes give them the autonomy of shaping the boxes as per their products’ shape.

Brand Awareness

Custom boxes with the company’s logo on it makes the brand visible to everywhere the box goes. This way the custom boxes help companies a lot in making their brand recognized all over the places. The brand logo or image can be displayed both outside and inside the boxes to give them the best opening experience and to reinforce the brand as well.

Take a look at Amazon boxes with smile on the side. Without even knowing what is inside the box, the customer already gets excited that he has bought a quality product from a quality brand. Why? Because through custom boxes Amazon connects with the customer and gains the trust. You see brands every where, on billboards, on TV, and even on boxes.

When a customer grabs your brand’s custom box in his hands, it already becomes personal. This has a huge impact on lifetime trust of customer. Big companies don’t go for plain boxes, instead they out their logo or sign on it to make sure they are recognized everywhere it goes.


Product vary from being heavy, strong, light to delicate material. Any type of product has its own weak point which could break it or damage it somehow. To prevent such issues, a proper packaging is used which encloses another material like foam, or sheets which don’t let the product to be damaged. However, custom boxes give the best service in this regard as well. They are made according to the product you have. Custom boxes come in unique shapes and sizes, with corner protection to help ensure that the customer gets the undamaged product. When you protect your product through custom boxes and deliver it safely to the customer, it gives them a positive experience of your brand.

Money Saving

By purchasing custom display boxes, you actually cut down your cost at a large level. You don’t have to buy big boxes for small product with an extra protecting material in it. You will just buy the perfect sized box for the specific product. Also if you buy these custom boxes on wholesale, you will save a lot of money at once. 

Suppose you have a yearly supply of product but you go every month and buy some random boxes from a market. It will cost a lot if you calculate the yearly expense. On the other hand, if you buy custom boxes yearly with your brand’s logo on it and with the customize sizes and shapes, it will cut down you yearly cost very much. Not only will it save money but in the process your brand will be well recognized.

Inform Your Customer

A custom boxes is not only a great way of brand awareness and money saving, but also it lets the customer know where and how he can contact you. Think about it, how often the custom boxes that come in our home is recycled? Not much. Often those boxes are used again and again and it is a good way of making the customer remember your service again and again.

Not only will that, with the details on it, the customer know how to reorder, where to contact etc. This is the reason why adding a website, or a contact number on custom box helps a lot in connecting with the customer in future.

Marketing Tactic

You might be thinking that printing the boxes will cost a lot. But actually that’s not the case. Printing your custom boxes has a very minor effect on the actual price of custom boxes. Especially when you take it from an advertising or marketing agency, you will get benefits. Initially, there will be an added cost for the printing purpose, but after that you can use that logo on whatever box you want because that printing plate becomes your property. So, in this case the initial marketing investment is so little as compared to the long term benefits.

So, don’t miss out the chance to market your brand and save money. You can all of this by using custom boxes.

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