You want to surprise her with something phenomenal and special; you just don’t want to bleed your wallet dry in the process. Jewellery is often the go-to gift, but it is an expected one and if you don’t shell out for a respectable karat count it is noticeable. The idea is to be original, conscious of your spending and present her with something high-end and memorable. Buying her an alpaca sweater with a hand-painted silk scarf is the perfect combo and will stand out in her memory as a most loved holiday gift for years to come.



Why Buy Alpaca Sweaters with Silk Scarves?

Tall winter boots have become a fashion trend not likely to go away anytime soon, and chances are the special lady in your life has a pair or two. Nothing completes this look better than an alpaca sweater with a delicate hand-painted scarf. Winter boots are fashionable because they offer a well-scaled balance between femininity and ruggedness--all that encompasses a strong woman. Combining an alpaca sweater with a scarf does the very same thing. Think about it: when you shop alpaca sweaters for women you are selecting a garment that can have sleek feminine lines cut from the rugged yet soft alpaca fibers. Add a hand-painted silk scarf for a billowy layer of feminine exoticism and you have the ideal semblance of a fashionable, strong woman.


Alpaca Sweaters are Affordable Pure Luxury

Alpaca fibers are known to be highly durable, but they are also silky soft. Never showing their age or succumbing to pilling (when a small ball of fibers protrude from a garment), alpaca sweaters offer a lifetime of use if properly cared for, and their silky feel makes them a fantastic value. Alpaca sweaters may be typically priced higher than wool, but these rare coveted fibers

Still, make a great deal compared to the more expensive cashmere option.


Hand Painted Silk Scarves Complete the Look

Fall and winter may be the most popular times to wear scarves, but silk scarves are worn by fashion-conscious women all year long. This fun accessory can transform an outfit’s look in seconds and can be worn in a variety of ways. When looping or tying a scarf, the most popular methods include:

  • French knot
  • Knotted necklace
  • The necklace
  • Double-sided twist
  • Scarf wrap
  • Cozy neck wrap
  • Neck wrap
  • Knotted shawl
  • Classic loop
  • Braided roll
  • Rolled loop
  • Double loop
  • Classic pull through

When it comes to looping or tying a scarf, the style will often be based on the cut of the sweater or the design touches on one’s boots or jeans. For example, if the winter boots have a stitched circular pattern, going for a rolled loop method is ideal for wearing a silk scarf. If one’s jeans have busy designs, wearing a scarf with the necklace hold is great for its simplistic free-hanging style.

Make this holiday season extra special; placing an alpaca sweater and a beautiful silk scarf under the tree will delight the lady in your life and leave her looking and feeling amazing!




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