Which Type of Cosmetic Dentistry Should You Choose?


We are very fortunate to have access to so many different forms of specialized cosmetic dentistry today. Depending on what your specific cosmetic dentistry needs may be, the route you may take to receive treatment can be very unique; to ensure that you are always able to make the best choice, you will definitely want to keep the following things in mind.

Composite Bonding

If you are in need of a procedure to correct any kind of discoloration or decay, then you may be interested in composite bonding. Through composite bonding procedures, even teeth that have been chipped or outright broken can have a chance to be repaired to their original state. In order to complete a composite bonding procedure, a strong composite material resembling enamel can be applied to the cavities or damaged areas. With just a strong light applied to the specific areas of the teeth targeted for treatment, the composite materials can be contoured into a perfectly functional shape.

Tooth Whitening

Naturally, not all cases of oral corrective care need to be as intense as composite bonding. If you simply want to make sure that your teeth can retain the majority of their luster, you can simply go for a tooth whitening procedure. It is natural for a little bit of staining to develop over time due to daily food, drinks or smoking, but a tooth whitening procedure can lead to amazing improvements in a completely nonintrusive fashion.

Dental Veneers

In the event that you have a tooth which has become truly compromised beyond what a tooth whitening or composite bonding procedure can alleviate, you may find that a dental veneer is the most appropriate thing to look into. A dental veneer is simply a porcelain or composite laminate that is bonded to the surface of the tooth with an adhesive solution.

Smile Makeover

If you want to bring out the full potential held within your smile, a smile makeover procedure just might be right up your alley. With a smile makeover, everything from the jaw’s bone structure to the shape of your bite can be functionally improved and corrected in a long-lasting manner. Because the smile makeover can be such an intensive procedure, it’s generally treated as a last-resort option that’s reserved for only the most extensive process of pre-operation consultation to guarantee its safety and probable success.

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