If you are planning to invest in a wardrobe for your home, you have two options to choose from, namely stand alone or fitted. Both come with their own pros and cons. So you need to do some research to get proper and complete information about them so as to make a proper and correct choice. However, it is more to do with personal preference. When determining the wardrobe type to choose, you need to take into consideration several aspects. It includes storage needs, space and cost. You may choose Fully Custom Wardrobe as it helps you to optimize available space and store many things in it.


This is undoubtedly the very first thing to consider. The fitted wardrobe reduces significantly the room size due to its depth. It also tends to consume valuable wall space. But if you have limited space, then integrate numerous storage options like hanging space, shelves and drawers. Cubbies can be included to store shoes and accessories. Several options are also available to customize your wardrobe to meet your specific requirements. Custom Wardrobe is undoubtedly the best choice and offers value worth your investment.

For small spaces, stand alone wardrobe can be a better choice. Some rooms may not be sized or designed properly to accommodate a fitted wardrobe. There can be obstacles in the room like windows, doors, ceiling slopes, etc. It is possible to move around a standalone if the need arises. These are amazing options as it adds grandeur and elegance to your room, while being an impressive and fabulous design element.

Storage space

This should be kept the priority. Are you looking for a wardrobe to augment the existing closet space? Do you want to make it your primary storage source? If you desire additional storage, then investing in standalone wardrobe will be a wise choice. But if your room does not have any storage space, then fitted wardrobe should be considered. You can go through https://www.housecustomize.com/ to know your available options.


For Fitted wardrobes, cost is considered to be a major consideration. You will require the services of a professional to install such wardrobes, thus increasing your expenses. On the other hand, stand alone type is inexpensive. You can get hold of solidly constructed pine stand-alone feature at affordable price. They are also available in various styles. You can even choose Custom Wardrobe China to fit the existing decor and your taste.

Before the introduction of walk-in closets, homes were not designed with large spaces to store clothing. Hence, fitted wardrobes were deemed necessary. With customized fitted wardrobes, you can come up with a space to structure and organize your individual requirements.

The standalone types are quite desirable due to their versatility in function, size and style. They also are quite appealing to various interior styles and can be found in different attractive designs. They consume less space when compared to fitted wardrobes as well as can be moved effortlessly as desired. Click here to complete your selection and purchase!

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