Which Color Sapphire Ring You Should Choose

Blue, green, yellow, white, pink or purple? Such a wonderful variety of options can confound anyone when it comes to choosing a sapphire for your ring. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered here. Read on to identify the best sapphire ring for yourself.


Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is considered the symbol of royalty, luck and fortune. Whether you buy a blue sapphire ring or any other piece of jewelry, it will bring you both elegance and beauty. After all Princes Diana’s blue sapphire ring didn’t create headlines just for nothing!!

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Pink Sapphire

A pink sapphire gets its color due to the presence of trace element chromium, iron, titanium, magnesium, and copper. The higher the concentration of chromium, the deeper the pink hue. Sometimes, it crosses the threshold of pink to become red and then it is called a ruby. Both pink sapphire and ruby are made from the same mineral – corundum.

This color is gaining quite a popularity in engagement rings since many modern engagements and weddings tend to be inclined towards pink. If you’re particularly fond of baby pink, then a pink sapphire ring is something that you must have in your collection.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is considered one of the most benevolent stones in astrological terms. It is used in gem therapy to aid in the treatment of abdominal problems. Many people wear yellow sapphire rings to gain material prosperity and professional success.


The presence of iron in the mineral corundum is the main reason behind the color of a yellow sapphire. The higher the presence of iron, the more saturated the color will be. Unlike blue or purple sapphire, which can look black due to extreme color concentration, a yellow sapphire can’t assume such opacity.

Purple Sapphire

In the sapphire family, the purple sapphire, sometimes termed violet sapphire, is perhaps the least known sapphire and is rarer than blue and pink sapphires. 

Purple sapphire derives its color from the presence of the mineral vanadium. It is considered a powerful tool for meditation and psychic abilities. 

A purple sapphire ring on your finger will surely add a rare appeal to your persona.

Green Sapphire

Green sapphires are as real as any other color sapphire, though the green of a sapphire is somewhat different from the green of an emerald or a peridot. A green sapphire generally represents peace. 

Like all sapphires, green sapphires are also made from the mineral corundum. Its green color is due to the presence of iron inside the mineral corundum and a phenomenon called intervalence charge transfer.

If green is your favorite color and you’re looking for a non-traditional alternative to diamonds or ‘something green’ for your sapphire ring, then you must consider a green sapphire to be the centre stone of your ring. 

White Sapphire

White sapphires are colorless. Generally a white sapphire has a hint of some color, often grey or yellow. A white sapphire symbolizes wealth and prosperity because it is supposed to carry the powers of Venus- the goddess of love and extravaganza. It also means luxury, fine taste and good things in life.

Many people prefer white sapphire in their sapphire ring as it presents an affordable alternative to diamond. Also, it pairs up quite well with any other color stone.


Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha sapphire is one of the rarest and truly mesmerizing sapphires. It exhibits a unique mix of orange and pink colors. Perhaps one of the most famous Padparadscha sapphire rings is the engagement ring of the Princess Eugenie of York, cousin to Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Due to its rarity, the Padparadscha sapphire rings convey sophistication of taste and if you’re also smitten by its irresistible charm, then you would certainly like to explore this exquisite collection here.

Once you’ve decided which color sapphire you want in your precious sapphire ring, you need to consider a few more things. Natural gems have some imperfections or inclusions such as spots, threads, or dark patches. Try to find the one with the least apparent inclusions. Also, it is better to avoid overly dark or extremely light stones for the best appearance. The value of a sapphire depends primarily on its color, so the color needs to be vivid with good saturation. Know more by clicking here.

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Kim Garth graduated with Honors in English literature. She is an author, an artist and a gem enthusiast. When she isn’t reading fiction or scribbling about rubies and sapphires, Kim makes severe (and embarrassing) efforts to impress the clique of stray cats in her neighborhood.

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