Will fashion influencers still be relevant in 2022? Shortly put, yes. Influencer marketing has become an ideal method for brands to authentically advertise their products or services. Businesses across all types of industries have seen how influencers' expertise can help drive their businesses further. For instance, in the fashion industry, influencers remain highly relevant, given their creative ways of promoting clothing lines and other products. Many companies rely on fashion influencers for their marketing strategies.

Because influencers take the time to try out the product and promote it in various ways that match their own brands, consumers see them as trustworthy and reliable sources. Plus, they can interact with influencers much easier than with the official brand, which is an advantage from the business perspective. 

Not only do consumers trust the product influencers promote because they are regarded as credible – if done professionally – but they also are more trustworthy of a specific brand. If the influencers are an expert in their niche, consumers will value their opinions, which can only be good for brands.

Therefore, if you wish to build your career as an influencer in 2022, there is definitely still demand. This being said, these are the aspects you need to take into considerations:

Select your niche and style

What is your area of expertise? For fashion influencers, this is undoubtedly the fashion industry. However, it is still crucial you select the niche and style which make up your personal brand. Being an expert in the field is a requirement. Otherwise, the audience won't regard you as trustworthy and credible. When it comes to your niche, it is vital you decide on what areas of the fashion industry you want to focus on. 

Whether you choose to promote sustainable brands, raise awareness, or present various outfits with the latest trends, your style and personal identity should be visible through the content you create. You could combine with other interests, like the beauty industry, as long as it is relevant to do so. If you start promoting brands from too many different industries, it could be misleading to your audience. Therefore, stick to your primary focus. 

Know your audience well

You might be excited and impatient to start creating content and let those creative juices flow. However, before doing this, an important thing you need to do is to understand your target audience well. One of the most significant reasons influencers are so popular and remain so relevant is that they don't cater to consumers with whom they don't have certain things in common. 

An influencer’s follower base has at least a common denominator with these social media content creators. The same goes from the influencer’s perspective. In order to be able to engage with their audience all the time, it is necessary that there is a friendly connection made. 

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance you know your audience well – to be able to interact with your followers and create relevant content. Besides known social media networks, various digital tools help you see useful analytics that provide insights into a follower base. 

Create your social media accounts

There are many popular social media platforms an influencer can use. However, it might not be necessary to create an account on all of them. An influencer’s follower base can follow them on three maximum channels. Creating an account on more than three could be confusing. 

Depending on your niche and area of focus, it is crucial to decide which social media networks are most relevant and create business accounts on them. As a fashion influencer, Instagram is probably the leading social media platform, followed by Tik Tok – the popularity of this platform is on the rise. Facebook or YouTube are also relevant. Depending on the content type you create, if you want to focus on video more and the preferences of your target audience, you can make an informed decision on a third platform. 

Create creative and relevant content

When it comes to content, this needs to be high-quality, engaging, and relevant. The aesthetic of your profiles should showcase who you are as an influencer – your brand and style – while you creatively promote various products. With influencer marketing thriving, it is vital for influencers to find unconventional and creative ways of creating content. 

For this reason, you should expect a lot of traveling as an influencer. Apart from press trips, many influencers travel to be able to get that unique shot when promoting a particular product. For instance, you could charter a yacht and do a photoshoot or put together a video promoting a clothing brand's new summer collection. 

Finding an ideal location that will complement and place the product you promote in a context is crucial. One might say that influencers need to think outside the box while also considering their brand's style and the brand identity of the clothing business they wish to promote.

Consistency is key

Apart from relevancy, consistency should be at the core of the content influencers create. Posting regularly and quite often is fundamental for an influencer’s success. Otherwise, you risk your audience forgetting about you. 

This is extremely important at the beginning when you are still new to your audience. Indeed, influencers are public personas, but they also have private lives and cannot post at all times. This being said, it is vital you schedule posts and fulfill contracts you have with various brands. 

Influencers conduct an effective marketing strategy, so it is crucial they are consistent when posting content. At the same time, you need to be true to your personal brand and engage in a friendly manner with your audience. Therefore, it is up to you how many projects you take and how frequently you choose to post your content. Just keep in mind that consistency and commitment are crucial.

Engage with your follower base

As mentioned before, engaging with your follower base is vital. What makes influencers so popular and still relevant in 2022 is their ability to make genuine and strong connections with their audience. Consumers see them as relatable and trustworthy and almost see them as friends or models. 

Influencers who create high-quality content, are transparent, and frequently engage with their audience, through lives or by responding and messages, are the ones who will remain successful. If you want to become a fashion influencer in 2022, these aspects need to be kept in mind.

Cynthia Madison

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