What to Look for In your Tailor?

8844015270?profile=originalDo you know what separates a man from a well-dressed one? His impeccable style and sharp sense of clothing. A well-switched suit can take your personality a few notches and enhance your personal style. However, to achieve a look that kind of look, you need to have a tailor that can create the most perfect fit for you. But the question is, how do you find that kind of tailor? We’ll tell you how!

Read on to learn about the important factors you need to look for in order to find the Best Suit Tailors in Dubai.

An enviable reputation

Don't just trust the spoken word. You need to ask your sources, friends, peers, colleagues, that well-dressed guy at work and anyone you know with a sharp sense of dressing to give you some reliable tailor names. You can also do a quick online search to know about the businesses that operate in your area. When you have a few names to work with, just check each one of them out on the basis of reputation. They should be known for the quality of their work, competency, punctuality, reliability, location, etc.

Neat establishment

Take the extra step in visiting their establishment to check out their operations in person. Does the store look organised? Does it look clean? A neat and tidy establishment is a good sign and something that speaks volumes about their work ethic. A well-maintained place will also instil in you the confidence that your clothes will be kept in clean conditions.

Willingness to show their work samples

A tailor worth his salt will be only too happy to share their work samples when you ask for it. Check their final product carefully to look for evenly spaced hems. Ask to see alterations to verify if they are seamless and done in a neat way. You should also look closely for loose threads, puckering or any other damage to the stiches or fabrics.

Test their alteration ability

If you are still not sure about giving them an entire garment to stitch, you can give them a small test piece for alteration. How they work on that piece will give you a fair idea about their workmanship. You can also see if they share their expert opinion about doing in a better way to make it fit better. All in all, they should give you a comprehensive experience that is geared towards providing you a well-fitted suit.

Open channels of communication

A good tailor is the one that keeps an open channel of communication with all his clients. When you discuss your requirements with them, you should observe their facial expressions and body language. Do they seem interested in what you have to say or do they seem distracted? Is the staff willing to answer your questions? Do they greet you warmly at the store? A good tailoring business thrives on quality service and you should get that each time you visit them.

They will ask you questions

It doesn’t matter what service you are looking for, a reliable tailor will want to know exactly what you need and how you prefer the style. Alterations can vary from person to person, so naturally, they should have a lot of questions about it. For example, some customers like to wear tight-fitted garment while others like to wear loose clothing. They should check with you what you really want before making the adjustments.

They focus on details

It is very easy to work with basic measurements. However, a skilled tailor will focus on the smallest details such as sleeve length, shoulder fit etc. They will discuss each of these specifications to help you get that coveted fit. At the end of it all, they will be able to make a suit that fits your body like a dream. A professional tailor will be happy to go beyond his call of duty if it leads to customer delight!

These are some very basic things but work wonders in identifying the right talent in the market. Don't hesitate in going the extra mile if you want to dress sharply.

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