Spring and summer: It is the most suitable season to wear jewelry, because there are more exposed parts of the body. Both necklace, bracelet, arm ring or eardrop have a good opportunity to show off. Because the summer clothes are thin and the style is simple, the jewelry should choose simple, classic and chic styles. Such as diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, crystal projection necklace jewelry, etc., in order to make the color overall look pleasing to the eye.

Autumn and winter: Because the fabrics are thicker, you should choose a variety of jewelry with texture and weight. The cool-colored jacket can choose necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, pins and other gold ornaments and diamond ornaments. For example, black coats should be colored with gold jewelry or colorful jewelry, and colored diamond bracelet for girlfriend jewelry.

No matter which season, you should pay attention to the monogram ring jewelry is not the more the better, the more valuable the better. If all the ornaments are worn on the body and vie for each other, there is no visual focus and makes people feel confused. Generally, it is only suitable for wearing in very grand occasion, but it is also necessary to have a clear distinction between the primary and secondary.


1. Pearl earrings

Earrings or long hanging pearl earrings are available for different occasions. The office dress is simple and serious, wearing a pair of earring-style pearl earrings that express the feminine femininity in an implicit way, and can also make your office look less serious. Long drop earrings are more suitable for wearing with a dress. When the earrings are swayed between the earlobe and the neck, it adds a feminine aesthetic cheap personalized necklaces.

2. Pearl necklace

The style and design of the pearl necklace vary widely, all are to lengthen the neck and increase the elegance of women. Pearl necklaces can be purchased according to the characteristics of different groups of people. If the wearer is small and the height is not high, choose a medium-length pearl personalized photo pendant necklace. Older women should use white gold pearl necklaces; younger ones can choose more lively and young colors such as black, pink or purple. Women with taller heights can choose long models, even some exaggerated long styles. It is a good way to wear a few rings around the neck.

3. Pearl pendant

The pendant is more suitable for wearing with a ring or earrings. The pendant has a simple single pearl pendant and a luxurious infinity necklace with names gemstone pearl pendant. The single pearl pendant is suitable for everyday wear, while the luxurious gemstone pearl pendant is more suitable for serious occasions.

4. Pearl ring

A pearl is the perfect gem for a luxurious ring worn at a party.

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