With its stimulating texture, an organic bamboo sheet is a comfortable addition to your bedding. It has a luxuriant soft feel and a stupendous shine that make you sleep comfortably. Bamboo is available in more than 1000 varieties due to which it can be adapted to different climatic zones. Most importantly, this softwood has no deteriorating effect on the ecosystem where it is grown. So, when looking to buy organic bamboo sheets, here are some reasons to indulge in its luxury:

8843862082?profile=originalBreathable and Comfortable:

Bamboo is one of the most versatile, breathable, and comfortable fabrics. It has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool during hot summer months. Being anti-static, it doesn’t cling and feels extremely luxurious.

Strong Odor Resistance:

Being a natural fiber, bamboo is resistant to bacterial growth. It has a bio-agent that resists any bacteria that may develop on the fiber. Right from cultivation to final processing, this bio-agent can control bacterial growth in the fabric. Furthermore, it eliminates any odor from bamboo fiber. Hence, your sheets will smell fresh as new even after washing frequently.

Excellent Thermal Regulation:

When looking for an extremely comfortable fabric for your bedding, you need the sheets having thermal regulatory properties. The organic bamboo offers this property to make you feel like heaven on your bed. This amazing fabric keeps you warm in the cold weather and cool in summer. It has an excellent wicking capability that makes bamboo super absorbent. It absorbs moisture and dries faster than cotton. During humid, warm, and sweaty weather, it keeps you cool and comfortable.

Wrinkle Resistance:

Though it may need ironing after washing, bamboo is a fabric that offers better wrinkle resistance in comparison to pure cotton. You should iron your bamboo sheets at low temperature. You can minimize shrinkage by washing and drying these sheets at warm temperature settings. Try to keep the sheets in dryer for 3-5 minutes to reduce wrinkles caused by spinning. After drying, take the sheets out and hang dry immediately.

Better Color and Luster:

You will be tempted to buy organic bamboo sheets for their natural luster and amazing colors. Since it is an organic fabric, it can retain natural and organic dyes more easily and deeply. The colors are vivid and these sheets are not mercerized to enhance their luster.


Bamboo farming does not rely on synthetic fertilizers or chemical-based pesticides. It never gets infected by pathogens or insects. Therefore, they reduce the impact of petroleum-based chemicals used in other types of crops. Also, bamboo requires lesser water when compared to cotton. Due to its firm hold on soil, it can retain water and remove greenhouse gases from the surrounding environment.

So, if you are looking to buy comfortable, affordable, and luxuriant sheets for your bedding, organic bamboo is the right choice of fabric for you.

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