Fashion designing isn’t an offbeat or a part-time career anymore.

It has evolved into a full-time profession demanding a set of professional skills, formal qualifications, along with the necessary soft attributes to become a successful fashion designer.

If you too are wondering how to become a fashion designer, this blog will acquaint you with the required information.

It will take you through some of TTA’s fashion designing courses, and also introduce you to TTA Kothrud, one of the best fashion designing institutes in Pune.

5 Things you need to become a Successful Fashion Designer

In the yesteryears, people used to choose these unconventional career alternatives merely on their talent, creativity, and inclinations. However, today, the industry demands professionally qualified people, who can take up the industry’s challenges, and cater to consumer demands.

Hence, to become a professional and successful fashion designer, you’ll need the following.

  1. Attributes of a Successful Fashion Designer

Foremost is a creative yet logical thought process, as you can’t ask people to wear anything and everything that occurs to your mind, can you?

Next is an eye to detail. The minutest of flaws may get the best of your creation rejected. So, ensure that you achieve perfectionism and pay attention to every detail.

Besides, you must develop the capability to work under pressure, stringent deadlines, learn to face criticism, and despite all of this, stay positive and agile throughout.

So, evaluate your personality against all these attributes. If you’ve got them, go ahead. If not, develop them.

  1. Try your Hand at Designing some Costumes

Now that you’ve evaluated personality, you must try your hand at designing some costumes.

You need nothing, but creativity, a pencil, and a piece of paper. Try some sketches, and get some feedback from friends and family members.

Reach out to an established fashion designer and showcase your amateur creativity to him. His feedback will be the most valuable, as he’ll look at it from a technical, as well as commercial perspective.

  1. Join a Fashion Designing Course

TTA offers some of the best fashion designing courses in fashion education.

The range entails a fashion designing degree course affiliated with YCMOU and Pune University, a fashion designing diploma, and a fashion styling and image design course.

These courses aim at developing you into a competent fashion designing professional who can offer a creative solution to the fashion needs and demands of consumers.

Some of the best industry experts and successful fashion designers have meticulously designed and updated the courses to ensure that you learn what the industry needs out of you.

A fashion designing degree, diploma, or certificate will formally qualify you for an entry in the fashion designing industry.

  1. Prepare a Fashion Portfolio

Preparing a portfolio is a continual process. So, start building a portfolio right from your first design, and keep adding to it. Remember, it is your portfolio that will showcase your work to the world.

So, while attending an internship or a placement interview, place your best designs first. Categorizing your creativity in the portfolio will give it a more organized look, and also define your approach towards work.

  1. Fashion Internship

For many established fashion designers, a fashion designing certificate may not suffice.

At times, they demand fashion designing professionals that have taken up an internship in the past and have a first-hand understanding of the fashion industry, its challenges, consumers, etc.

Investing a year or half in an internship proves useful from the viewpoint of a long-running fashion designing career. So, ensure you go for an internship before going live in the industry.


Becoming a fashion designer is a blend of a few essential elements. These elements include the right approach, the aptitude, readiness for challenges, a professional fashion designing course certification, a comprehensive portfolio, and a fashion internship.

All of the above, coupled with continual innovations, skill development, and a comprehensive approach to learning, will help you become a successful fashion designer. Furthermore, such an attitude will help you sustain your position in the fashion market.

Apart from these factors, TTA’s educational approach and the supportive learning environment prove vital in crafting your fashion designing career.

For more information on the TTA fashion design institute, and its fashion designing courses, connect with TTA at +91 772 0094 514.

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