From the use of greener options to preferring innovative shapes, the trends in hair extension boxes are changing. Here are some designs that can influence you.

Fashion trends are never settling, and in the past few years, the industry has experienced some major trends. The use of hair extension is one of the newest trends, and consumers are going crazy over it. This buzz has led to an elevated demand for these fashion accessories, and consumers always want their products packaged in appealing and creative hair extension boxes.

The Trend itself

The fashion industry is itself a changing world, and the trends are always changing. Consumers are always looking for better and effective solutions that can help them enhance their personality. The use of hair extensions is one of the newest trends in the spectrum. Initially, by celebrity endorsement, these hair accessories packed in luxury hair extension packaging were like an instant hit. This new wave of demand resulted in increased manufacturing of hair extensions by different product lines and big brands.

Packaging Trends

The trends in packaging have minimized the marketer’s efforts regarding advertising and branding. Wholesale hair extension packaging suppliers are now coming up with new and creative designs of encasements that are alluring in nature. These boxes define everything about the business, product, and esthetics due to their presentational values and printed designs. Here are some trending hair boxes ideas.

Boring towards Stylish


Consumerism is getting stronger and stronger over the past; they always want a high level of packaging quality with appealing and stylish visuals. It will never be good to use old and dull styled box designs nowadays as consumers now focus on every tiny detail. One of the newest trends in the industry is the paradigm shift from old styled boxes to new stylish ones that are unique in shape. Pillow boxes for hair extensions are now widely in circulation; they are unique in appeal due to their shape; they are longitudinal in shape and provide the consumers with effective experience while using products from a specific brand.

Branding as a Focus Point

Branding is always important for hooking the attention of more majority of the audience and enhancing brand recognition in the market. The spectrum for hair extensions is one of the competitive ones as different brands are manufacturing the same product. The use of branded packaging can help the manufacturers to get ahead of the competition and develop better brand repute in the industry. Marketers are now widely using luxury hair boxes printed with their branding theme and logo, such boxes not only help in enhancing the market reach of the business but also helps in keeping the product safe.

Printing with an Elevated Feel

Consumers are always leaned more towards the designs that are printed in vivid graphics and enhance the presentation of packaged products. Custom printed weave packaging boxes are now trending in the industry as they are highly customizable and can be printed using a number of options. Creative graphics and illustrations combined with the branding theme of the business can be printed on these boxes by using different printing techniques. These boxes are also elevated in feel due to laminations used on them. Marketers can use laminations such as textured, gloss UV or matte finishing in accordance with the design preferences.

Peek the Product


Hair extensions come in various shades, and it is important to make the consumers make the best decision about the shade that suits them. Marketers are now making use of cut windows in their packaging designs in order to facilitate the consumers. Buyers can simply look at the shade of hair extension through the window, and the process can influence their decision to purchase. These cut windows can be added to any packaging design. Luxury hair extension boxes by thecustomboxes are also introduced with these windows simply by die-cutting.

Go Green

To go green is one of the most trending approaches in product packaging nowadays. The negative impacts of global warming are widely influencing the way we live and the designs of our daily life items. The paradigm is shifting towards the use of more sustainable and biodegradable options that are eco-friendly in nature. About every hair extension packaging company the USA is now proffering materials such as cardboard due to its highly recyclable nature.

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