Couples choose a wedding company to help them complete their wedding when they get married. So what is wedding planning? This is the question that a lot of new people must have, so let the content of the following article answer for everybody one by one.

  What does wedding planning do?

  Wedding planning is the wedding company according to the new people's requirements, to tailor a wedding day process planning. Wedding planners can tailor a romantic wedding to the bride and groom according to their different requirements or special preferences. It can also be planned according to the couple's interests and the actual situation of the wedding reception. The wedding theme should revolve around a large theme, or two or three key points. To illustrate the theme of the wedding. Wedding planner can light up the room, music, props, etc to reflect, to meet the new demands as far as possible, and wait for the wedding scene to achieve the perfect coordination, help the couple deduce the most romantic wedding in their heart.

  Wedding planning specific procedures

  Specific wedding planning process - collect relevant information

  , after all, marriage is an event in life, in the couple sure good after the date of the wedding, the wedding planner should collect the related data of the wedding, first to have a preliminary knowledge of the wedding, can read some relevant information. After know about it, at the appropriate time, about the couple, together talk about perceptions of wedding, preliminary build a template for my wedding, and then communicate, confirm whether the scheme is feasible.

  Wedding planning specific procedures - site check

  After the communication between the planner and the couple on the wedding site, the wedding site should be confirmed first. After the scene is confirmed, the two parties can get to know the wedding site. The choice of wedding venue can be compared with each other in terms of goods, from which you can choose one that is suitable for all aspects of conditions, and then confirm with the venue about the wedding menu, wine and other issues. If possible, both parents can be invited, because parents' opinions are also important.

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