It doesn’t matter how you have planned your wedding and a party for it. However, it matters a lot how you keep your guests entertained and make them feel special. You have invited them to attend your marriage ceremony, and so, it is your responsibility to take care of them. Here are some steps that can help you impress your wedding guests:


Greet differently at the entrance

Think a lot on how to greet your guests at your wedding. For this, you can recall a few marriage ceremonies and associated arrangements. Try to find out what difficulties the guests had to face there and how you can help your guests not to have such problems. You can work on installing welcome wedding signs to sticking labels for sitting arrangements.  


Think about a mid-party dress change

You have spent a lot of time and money in the purchase of dresses for your marriage. But what will be of them if you do not show our outfits. Take out a few minutes in the middle of your wedding party and come back by changing your garment on this very special day of your life. This time, think to be more attractive through our dress.


Dance first and make your guests dance with you

Willing to make your wedding a viral event? Try to do something different to keep your invitees entertained. People come to a marriage ceremony to enjoy and have fun and entertainment. So, make them have full enjoyment. Play your favourite music and start dancing. Drag people on the dance floor to induce them start dancing on the music


Display what are for them

Typically, no wedding party is without foods, beverages, and cocktails. People are in their full mood when they have their desired food items and drinks. Instead of letting them wander what to eat or drink, you can guide them what they can take. Use stickers and custom labels for wine bottles to disclose what are especially for them. They will love having such an arrangement of foods and beverages at your wedding party.


Comprehend their needs

While enjoying your wedding party, your guests have no control on how much to eat and drink. After the completion of the ceremony, they can feel a headache, fatigue, and other signs that can make them unable to be on their feet. To have a normal morning on the next day for them, you can include hangover essentials, like aspirin, energy bars, and water bottles to let them back to their normal life after night celebration.


Serve snacks in the late night party

Your guests can feel hunger due to their constant activeness in your marriage ceremony. Consequently, they can feel fatigue and stop participating in your wedding party. You need to keep them energized during the party. And for this, you can serve them snacks and request them to have snacks whenever they need energy.


Plan the ultimate switch in the middle

Want to let your guests get shocked? Announce that you are not having a wedding this night. Be aside and let the rumours buildup. Come back to the place to know what they are thinking. Break the news that you have got married and let them feel relaxed. Ensure you have informed your family members about this shocking plan.


Raise the bar

Apart from your usual cocktail bar, think about offering a few more stations for drinks when your invitees can show their creativity. Let them mix their flavours to create a new taste. Further, you can offer your favourite sweet treats and host a candy buffet. Want to see the creativity of your guests? Turn the dinner into a buffet with a DIY cheese and mac, mashed potato bar, and nacho.


Be creative with desserts

Love sweets? Go beyond the addition of tiers of the wedding cake. Have donuts. Create a wall of donuts and hang your flavours on a height. Your guests will make an effort to grab those donuts when they need to fix their sugar. Do your guests love ice cream? Turn your cocktail bar into a milkshake bar.


Share the unknown part of your love story

It is not necessary that all of your guests will not know how and when both of you come close to each other and at what time you decide to live your life together. You can share all these by placing the clicked moments of your love life or displaying them via slideshow on screens in a chronological order. 



It is your wedding day and so, it is up to you how to impress your guests on your wedding day. By creating a wow factor at each stage of your marriage ceremony, you can do this. And for the same, you need to use your creative mind along with a little investment of time.                            


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