Wear a safety vest on the way to school

The color of the footprints at the elementary school in shows whether children with reflective tape sometimes already stand with one leg on the roadway, seems to some car drivers no preference. They step on the accelerator pedal. "Every morning there is one, two red light misses, in the short period from 7.30 am to 8 pm," Parents lady Ina said yesterday on demand.

Though the schools, the city, the police in safety vest and the press have been drawing attention to this problem for years. Apparently, however, the appeal to a road, which is crossed particularly by many children, as a car driver to behave ruthlessly and not to endanger the health or even the lives of humans, goes into void.

Perhaps a juicy fine would bring the uninspired to reason. After all, two Red Light Sons at the Elementary School would have to face the Ache District Court in these weeks, Werriwa informed during a press conference on the subject of traffic safety. However, it would be difficult to convict the perpetrators, because this could be done with witnesses who recognize the man or woman at the wheel without any doubts.

Kath, a police officer at the Ache police, said with a look to everyone who has been in a hurry on the way to work, especially in the morning: "Whoever comes from the direction and breaks through at the school camp at Rot usually wins nothing. At the big crossroads above, you almost always have to wait. "Earlier getting up and going, she noted, would certainly be the better solution.

The dark season, which has now begun, calls for increased attention from all road users. Rain, fog and gloom made the view more slippery, and, of course, ice and snow made driving and walking no easier, explained Kath. In order to be perceived as pedestrians or cyclists in traffic during these months, it is advantageous to wear eye-catching, light clothes. Together with the first-graders equipped by the ADAC with warning reflective vests, the policeman immediately undertook an instructive walk around the School.

The primary school students are supposed to walk; the fourth graders may alternatively also use the bicycle after the passed cycling test, which Braymer has also removed during these days. The transport project offers the children 16 stops in the school entrance area, which are intended as meeting places, from where the pupils are to move to fresh air to get to the school. This is even more so in this week at the elementary school.

Anyone who sticks to it receives a stamp every morning from girls and boys from the fourth year. The class that collects most of them is rewarded with a "surprise prize". But Werriwa has already made progress: "Last year I had to distribute more."

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