Vintage Fur wear it dont waste it

Fur. Everyone has an opinion about it. I am one of those ‘in the middle’ types, as in I dont strongly agree or disagree. The reason being I will wear fur but only if it’s vintage. I would never go and buy any new fur and I think it would be a shame to let all the vintage fur available get thrown into a landfill.

It wasn’t until the 1980′s, that fur began to get really bad press and it was in the 1990′s when the famous Peta “we’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign hit the world, which included the likes of Cindy Crawford, Helena Christiansen, and Pamela Anderson (even though she was already naked so it wasn’t much of a stretch for her )

Most of the designers working today, still use fur in their A/W collections. There are some who no longer use it, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein and most famously Stella McCartney, who follows in the footsteps of her animal rights activist mother, Linda.

However, back in the eh ‘day’ it was more of a status symbol than an item of controversy. Owning a fur was an extravagance only the very powerful and rich could afford. It was also a fashion favorite among many of the old hollywood actresses, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and Marilyn Monroe.

I own a 1940′s vintage coat with fur trim and I love it, dont judge!! I have a few more similar styles in the shop and I love them all, there is something so sophisticated about them. I get people into the shop that wont even try them on if I tell them its real. I think its a shame to let it go to waste and if it’s good enough for the lovely Dita Von Teese (who also only wears vintage fur) its good enough for me.

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