Unforgettable Nail Polish Concepts for Women

Nail polish is probably something that will never be out of style. In fact, it is currently the most popular product among women as around 91% of women around the globe are still so into it.

Needless to say, we no longer live within the medieval mentalities wherein long nails are often associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Nails are now the new outlet of self-expression and creativity. Nail polish is now a woman’s new best friend.


Let’s go through some of the most memorable nail polish concepts that awed women from all over the world.

1. Classic One-Tone Design

With an array of nail polish colors to choose from, the majority of women would still prefer a bold yet really simplistic design. While some would prefer the neutral elegance of black nail polish, some would rather go as bold as bright yellow. But regardless of the color preference, this technique will still be awesome.

2. The French Tip

Who would ever forget this design? This concept is perfect for women who simply love color a dominant color supplemented by a slight touch of another rightat the tip of the fingernail. This technique is argued to have been popularized by the legendary French beauty expert, Max Factor, thus the label of French Tip.

3. The Pale Nail

If classic colors are not simple enough, then the pale nail is definitely here to stay. In fact, it was once named by Vogue to be one of the most personalized nail polish concepts. This, on the other hand, is into the usage of a single color that is not really loud. It embodies a very serene aura out of the user. From light-pink to even a mocha color, this concept just doesn’t become outdated at all.

4. Nail Stickers

Until now, a number of women from all ages are still blown away by this nail polish concept. This is arguably the most detail-specific out of all concepts as it gives women the freedom to choose from a wide variety of designs. The technique involves the usage of stickers put on top of the nails and is later on coated with a transparent nail polish. From flowers to letters, there’s no telling the limit of this creative design.

5. Color Changing Nail Polish

This, perhaps, is by far the most unique approach in nail polish designs. Color changing nail polish, as the name implies, changes its color when exposed to different temperatures. It contains temperature sensitive colorant which morphs into a new color when, for example, exposed to hot water. It may even change colors depending on the mood of the user as it significantly adjusts to the change in temperature of our body. How amazing is that?

By far, there is no stopping the dominance of nail polish products in the fashion industry. It’s not just a fashion statement; it’s an art that enables people to express their individuality.

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