Hi you guys hey guys it's me it's me and we are but girls y'all glad you not well Jessa guess what it's summertime and I know that up oh yeah get it oh yeah and I know that there are a few popular summer trends what are they in Tunisia well I don't want to list them all but on my list one henna art I'm gonna be honest with you guys.

I used to not like henna because I didn't like that it was all brown just like it's not that cute this looks a little different it does look a little different and eat the black and I need the bread I don't think I hate them as much as you I do so we got this henna kit so we can be fashionable for the summertime and it washes off easily with soap and water which kind of sucks.

Yeah cos like it was summer like so it's not sloppy like real henna that this is like fake henna well I don't think I like that already but let's just do it because it's trendy yeah and while she's opening that I'll give you guys a little update on our last post just someone asked if these things were easy to take off.

Let me just take these off for one cuz they are easy easily peeled off but one thing is we had two on the ceiling and with them that we they both fell off so peel off banking please not clean skin and drop Melyssa putting a whole entire box when everything is just right here.

I don't want it to wash off easily with soap and water I want like real henna but probably not in the kids section on target is not where you get it probably know I like these can I just tell you do I have never once had henna before.

Wow so this is a new experience and you guys get to read it so we've got some cool designs Oh which of those are naive I feel like I should do yours and you should do mine okay so we give you a riddle henna artist okay I think I already know what did you want well I kind of just like the simplicity of this middle one that's a cute one.


It's just like cute and like put it like on your arm yeah or did you would you have more fun doing a bigger one I mean I probably would but it's up to you really she likes this one right here I like that I think I'm gonna go with this way if you're going like that one then I guess I can go with a bigger one so that you could have fun so you want it wrought learn we don't get here an easy peel that's always mine and I did I'm clean so right there yep and you want to all brown well you can use your creative discretion does it say how to use these guys like you to use it all over the top of the stuff.

So like you'll draw it and then put the shimmer on top okay it's what maybe I'll do it all the brown and then use these and it just seems like you using mark right so like we could you know actual henna is more like a cream isn't it right guys.


I think it is and then you have to like let it sit for a while on your skin so I think it's just appeal it off first Oh don't mess up the penalty it's right here hi but go keep going keep going walk move forward okay feel like with the at least I've noticed it with the gold one because it's lighter it looks like it like picks up the marker a little bit who makes it.

Hey we'll let it dry okay are you able to draw while you have that probably maybe we could do wine think I'll just do the same spot business this one yeah anyway campus you are like right here yeah so you don't hate the rest of the colors so I didn't move or did I miss also no I didn't no it didn't no.


It's just driving humor here or like more translucent huh oh it does move when I do this yeah it's good sure you just peel it off yeah kind of pretty though like wearing the idea of it was nice see it's a little messed up but it's still cool yep great thing about Jessa you guys is that she has really white skin baby which means that any of these colors show up wonderfully on her me you're welcome.


So I think about them you shall tenerife ik sorry if we're blurry but this is gonna be the end because our battery's running out but there's us playing with fake henna you want to try real henna some typing but it was actually pretty cool it's just that you can pretty much use markers and like glitter glue but I mean they're pretty so your keys that I'll wash it off later and we will be seeing you guys very soon yes yeah bye.


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