Tragus Earrings: The Complete Guide

Young people love tragus earrings. There are many options for this type of piercing jewelry. You can choose between curved and circular barbells. Many other designs are also available.

The tragus is a part of the ear that connects with the side of your face and protrudes into your ear canal, partially covering the area. The tragus is a thick fleshy flap that covers and protects the ear canal.

Every site that is pierced has a scary legend. The fear associated with tragus is that it can cause nerve injury if the needle is punctured incorrectly. Tragus piercing only takes place on a small portion of the body. This highlights the need to provide proper aftercare for the pain.

 tragus earrings

Trapezium is performed


To clean your tragus, you should use purified water as well as a medical-grade disinfectant.

Use ink or marker that is non-toxic to mark the area to be perforated.

Sterilize the needle and insert it into place at the tragus.

You can add jewelry to the piercings you've already chosen.

To ensure it is spotless, rinse the area with water.

For piercing cartilage, piercing guns are not effective. They can also cause scarring and discomfort.

There are many types of Tragus Earrings


1. Captive Bead Ring

CBRs are also known as BCRs or ball closure rings (BCRs). They are made of metal and have a single bead at the ends. Some people will create an illusion of a full circle by using a straight bar rather than a bead. They come in many sizes and can be customized to meet individual preferences. CBRs come in many colours and can be customized with charms, diamonds and other forms such as skulls, lizards and hearts.

2. Barbell Earring

A barbell can be described as a long, thin metal rod that has a bead attached to one end. Vertical tragus perforations are done with a curved barrel. The circular barbells look similar to captive bead rings but have two beads. The horseshoe barbell is similar in shape to a regular circular barbell but its ends are straight giving it the appearance of a horseshoe. Barbells can be embellished with dangling charms and the shaft can be bent into forms or motifs.

 barbell earrings

3. Tragus Flatback Earrings

A labret is a stud that consists of a flat disk at the bottom, a straight shaft, the jewelry of choice, and the jewel of choice on one side. You can add a charm, a bead, a spike, charm or other shapes to the end. In a Tragus piercing the flat disc is located behind the tragus. The flat disc is designed to not rub against the skin.

4. Hoops

Tiny, delicate earrings are another option. We recommend that you wait until your piercing is healed before you experiment with hoops with unusual shapes or textures.


Tragus Piercing: Healing and Pain


The pain of piercing usually lasts only a few minutes to an hour, but it may cause lasting discomfort while the treatment heals. After all, new piercings can expose sores.

A well-healed Tragus piercing should cause no pain unless it is infected.

Tragus Piercings typically heal in 3 to 6 months, but in certain cases, the whole procedure can take over a year.

Tragus Earrings are made of the following materials


1. Surgical Stainless Steel

This stainless steel is used to create medical implants. However, it does contain nickel. The low rate of nickel exposure makes it safe for people who are allergic to nickel. You should not consume it if your allergy is severe to nickel.

2. Titanium

Titanium is a medical-grade metal and is hypoallergenic. Although titanium is more expensive than stainless steel, your piercer might recommend it to you if there are severe nickel allergies.

Gold (14-karat, or high)

You can enjoy the elegance of white, yellow, or rose gold and will be willing to pay a premium for it. You should make sure that it is solid, not gold-plated. Otherwise, the coating can crack and expose you to nickel and other metals underneath.

4. Niobium

This elemental metal is very similar to titanium and is safe for almost all people. It does not have implant-grade certification, but that isn't a concern. It is also more affordable than titanium.

5. Sterling Silver

This material is also popular for making tragus jewelry.

Cost of Targus Piercing


Tragus piercing costs vary between $20 and $50, depending on

  1. The experiences of Piercer

  2. The location and popularity of the studio

  3. The type and use of jewelry

It is not necessary to spend money on aftercare supplies if you are piercing. Prices for jewelry can also vary, which could lead to a significant increase in cost.

Where can I buy high-quality earrings?


This question is often asked because buying earrings can be a difficult task nowadays. Many scammers will con you with cheap material and then disappear.

The best place to shop for earrings online is the one that sells low-quality ones.

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