Top affordable wedding planners in Mumbai


Guess what can be amongst the biggest regrets in your life? It's not being able to celebrate your wedding as per your wishes and plans. Remember that this big day won't ever come back in your life. It's a lifetime occasion that deserves special attention as every single arrangement should be perfect, making the day truly delightful and memorable.


I have seen many couples conceding post their wedding that things could have been more synchronized had they hired a wedding planner. I am not saying this because I am a part of this industry. Neither do I wish anyone to subscribe to my opinion in this blog. I am only speaking factually and want you to decide at your discretion. 


While most couples think that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expenditure, some also hesitate, assuming that it's an expensive bid. The irony is, a wedding planner can significantly help curtail your nuptial expenses. Being experts in their job, these folks exactly know which vendor to contact for which purpose. Thus, irrespective of your wedding's size, a wedding planner can be hired to ensure everything goes as per your plan on your D-Day.


In this blog, I will tell you about the wedding planners in Mumbai. You can pick the one that suits your budget.



SRK Wedding & Event Planner

SRK Wedding & Event Planner is amongst the top affordable wedding planners in Mumbai. Their highly skilled team is proficient in preparing every tiny aspect of your big day. They work with utmost diligence to ensure that your wedding becomes a memorable experience. They are a great option to hire for couples who have a budget constraint, yet are looking for an excellent arrangement.


Planning Fee: From ₹10,000


Services Offered: Vendor Management, Event Flow Management, Decor Planning and Execution, Guests Management, Entertainment Design & Choreography, Transport & Logistics Management, Food & Beverage Management, Signages and Stationery.


Spry Events

Spry Events is a professional event management firm located in Navi Mumbai. Its team of experts is highly proficient in devising an array of creative ideas and concepts that are sure to add an extra charm to your wedding. Not just that, they also ensure that the entire arrangement carries the essence of the couple's personalities. Choosing them as your wedding planner will surely surprise you with a lot of fun and entertainment.


Planning Fee: From ₹20,000

Services Offered: Wedding Theme and Design, Decorations, Seating arrangements, Balloon and Floral Décor, Music and Entertainment, Lighting and Sound, Event rentals


Sangeet Events

How would it be that you sit and relax, and all the arrangements for your D-Day are taken care of by the finest experts? All you have to do is tell the perfect arrangement you aspire to see, and in no time, they will get the job done. Sounds great? Well, this isn't merely a fascinating dream. It is very much possible in reality if you hire Sangeet Events. As a professional wedding planning agency, they are famous for making your marriage a gala event. Their team of exceptionally talented wedding planners ensure that every single arrangement is done with impeccable perfection.


Planning Fee: From ₹25,000

Services Offered: Vendor management, Event Flow Management, Guests management, Décor Planning and Execution, Entertainment Design and Choreography, Food and Beverages Management, Transportation and Logistics Management


Bang On

Bang On is a unique event management firm recognised for creating exceptional wedding concepts. It provides services that are diverse and flawlessly caters to not just weddings but also the pre-wedding functions. Their proficiency and skills have made them gain enormous popularity in their field. From the ideation to implementation of the wedding plans, the agency has its unique style of doing the job. If you are planning for a medium size wedding with a reasonable budget, then trust me "Bang On" is the right option for you.


Planning Fee: From ₹40,000

Services Offered: Photography/ Videography, Decoration, Guests transfers, Hospitality & Guests Support, Invitations



Dreamz Event Management

As a famous event management company in Mumbai, Dreamz Event Management promises to plan and arrange everything you need for a superb wedding celebration. From making the guest's list to the arranging of the vendors, every tiny aspect of the preparation is fully taken care of by their trained team. Also, it's not just the wedding and pre-wedding functions, they also provide exclusive services for special events like corporate meetings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and much more.


Planning Fee: From ₹40,000

Services Offered: Photography/ Videography, Decoration, Guests Transfers, Hospitality & Guests Support, Invitations



JRES Events & Entertainments

JRES Events & Entertainments is another name that is recognized as an affordable wedding planner in Mumbai. They work with the philosophy of giving the highest customer satisfaction with their flawless services. They are known to go the extra mile to make your D-Day truly remarkable. Just give them a call, and in no time, their team of experts will be there to discuss your requirements. Offering a lavish range of services, they are an ideal option for a budget-friendly wedding.


Planning Fee: From ₹10,000

Services Offered: Photography/ Videography, Decoration, Guests Transfers, Hospitality & Guests support, Invitations


Gold Chili Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Some parties and functions are so lively and exuberant that they instantly blow away your cobwebs. They tend to endure in your mind as a beautiful memory. If you expect something similar, then Gold Chili Entertainment is your pick. It's a famous event management company famous for creating parties that carry exceptional charm and buzz, be it your wedding or pre-wedding functions. Established in 2005, the company has an exceptional track record of organising marvellous functions. Not to mention, and all this comes at pocket-friendly prices.


Planning Fee: From ₹10,000

Services Offered: Photography and Videography, Caterers, Decorations In and Outdoor Lighting, Seating Arrangements

Mandap/stage setup, Entertainment and Baarat Line-Up, Entrance Welcome Arrangement


If you want to explore some more exciting Wedding Venues in Mumbai, you can visit the website below and have a memorable experience on your special day.

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