Top 5 Sapphire Ring Ideas for September Born People

If spring is the new birth, summer is youth, then autumn is adulthood! September is the month when summer is closer to saying goodbye, and autumn is ready to step in with a lot of abundance. If you are a September born, then you are one of the luckiest babies blessed with many shades of sapphire. 

Sapphire is a September birthstone and a symbol of abundance. The invigorating hues of sapphire propose options for September babies to opt for their favorite color to wear. Out of every shade of sapphire, blue sapphire is the most loved shade. 

So, if your birthday falls into September, then here are some of the incredible ring ideas about the September birthstone you should check out.

Solitaire Ring: Uniqueness in Simplicity


Undeniable beauty lies in simplicity! If your partner finds simple jewelry unique and beautiful, then gift her a versatile solitaire ring on her birthday to make her birthday special. September-born people are the luckiest, they are blessed with the sapphire gemstone as their birthstone which is one of the precious gems in the category. A blue sapphire sitting on the top in a solitaire ring looks impeccable. You may choose different metals such as yellow gold, white gold, and platinum to design your solitaire ring. 

Check out the preset collection of GemsNY’s designer rings to get ready-made sapphire rings in different designs. If you have some specific designs in your mind, then GemsNY will also customize that ring as per your desire. 

Pave Ring: One of Its Kind 


Who doesn’t like the continuous shine of a diamond? The high brilliancy and shine of diamonds will enlarge the beauty of the center stone – sapphire. There is no doubt that pave ring is one of its kind and augments the beauty of the wearer. It’s her birthday, and she is privileged to have sapphire as her birthstone. Gift her a pave sapphire ring with tiny diamonds embedded on the shank that will exemplify the appearance of sapphire. Pink and blue sapphires are a better choice for the pave ring setting.   

Cathedral Ring: Arches that Lift up the Beauty


No words can describe the beauty of the cathedral ring setting. A Cathedral ring makes the profile of the ring impressive and attracts the attention of everyone in the room. The Cathedral ring is royal and timeless, and the sapphire stone on the top of the ring will make the ring a perfect birthday gift for your loved one. The arches of the cathedral style hold the center stone like a crown, and gifting this regal ring to your loved one will also hold the beauty of the wearer like a crown. Small diamonds on the ring’s band will be like ‘Cherry on the Cake.’  

Three-Stone Ring: Symbol of Friendship, Love, and Fidelity


Showing your loved ones how much you adore them is always special; it increases the love and bond in your relationship. A three-stone sapphire ring never disappoints you to impress your loved ones. Sapphire as the center stone will do the magic and strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Diamonds as side stones will give a spectacular look to the ring and make a wonderful gift for September-born people. 

Swirl Ring: A Perfect Engagement Ring


A swirl ring symbolizes the endless unity and love between two people. The spiral design of the ring symbolizes the strong bond between you and your partner. If this is her birthday and you want to impress her, then buy her a swirl sapphire ring and see how much she adores the gift. Diamonds on the spirals will make the sapphire look more brilliant and vibrant.

Explore the exquisite collection at GemsNY to find your perfect sapphire ring. You may also check out the other gemstones jewelry with the customization option in various combinations of metal, gemstone, and design.

Kim Garth graduated with Honors in English literature. She is an author, an artist and a gem enthusiast. When she isn’t reading fiction or scribbling about rubies and sapphires, Kim makes severe (and embarrassing) efforts to impress the clique of stray cats in her neighborhood.

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