TOP 30 -- Hot Brands of Women's Leather and Fur in 2019

Based on users' browsing and search interactive data in 2019, we rank the TOP 30 brands list of women's leather and fur of the year, and recommend brands with high attention and key designs to help with the development of leather and fur. In the TOP 30 list, luxury brands rank the top, and other brands like Hermes, Guccid and Bottega Veneta also gain much attention with their exquisite details. Designer brands like DROME and STAND also gain more recognition with the simple, practical and novel designs. Leather brands like BALLYHUANGHOU and LOOR use bold and creative designs, and also gain much attention.


TOP 1 -- Fendi

Fendi is renowned in the world for its luxury leather/fur and classic handbag. Fendi insists on adding fun to designs, just like the meaning of its double F logo -- Fun Fur. After Karl Lagerfeld joined Fendi, he was committed to making the fur lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, and he wanted to reduce the production materials, so the future trend and style of the brand was decided. We can see the inheritance of its classic crafts in Fendi's fur.


TOP 2 -- Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton ranks the first. It combines the leather and fur crafts with the clear sportif style to create brand-new fashionable styles. According to the latest report of Gartner L2, Louis Vuitton tops the TOP 10 list of luxury brands in China, which is due to the digital strategy change and the ambassador, Kris Wu.


TOP 3 -- Philipp Plein

The designer brand, Philipp Plein, was founded in Munich in 1998. The essence of the brand comes from exquisite materials, outstanding quality, innovative design and rock style. The brand also often becomes the topic because of the unruly luxury and avant-garde style. Other designer brands are not in a good condition, while Philipp Plein has a strong growth. In 2019, the series of Philipp Plein is fun and defiant. The leather outerwear in electronic brights, leather sets decorated by rivets and layered accessories bring a luxurious and wild style, and attract more youngsters.


TOP 4 -- FLO & CLO

FLO & CLO is an Italian fur brand with high attention in recent years, and ranks No. 4. Spliced parka and fur items are the brands' feature. FLO & CLO is good at combining costly leather/fur, exquisite accessories with customized fabrics to create unique clothing.


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