For parents, in the process of feeding babies, in addition to accompany and play with their children, there is another thing to worry about is buying wholesale children clothing. In summer, we worry about whether this clothing is breathable. In winter,we worry about whether this piece will keep warm and whether children will catch a cold. Is this clothing suitable for children, is it trendy? We will encounter a series of confusing questions.Buying clothing for children is also a science. In this article we will share some experience for how to buy wholesale clothes for children and what parents should pay special attention to.

The growth of a child can be divided into newborn infant, toddler, kids and youths. So parents can choose different clothing according to the different stages of the children.

  • Newborn Infant

    kiskissing wholesale newborn infant cartoon self-tie sleepsuit
    When a woman is pregnant with a baby, she needs to prepare many things for the angel who is about to come. One of the most important is clothes. The skin of the newborn is very tender, and all the organs of the body are still developing. At this time, it is best to choose the clothes with straps. Not only can it be convenient for the baby to change clothing, but it will not hurt the baby.

    This Jumpsuit is one of my personal favorites. The fabric is made of cotton blend and spandex, cute panda pattern and letter composition, reasonable lace-up design, convenient for diaper changing ,moreover,it is comfortable to wear.

  • Toddler

    kiskissing wholesale infant toddler embroidery duck jumpsuit
    Children at this stage of infants have learned to walk, run, and will play with other children. The amount of exercise will increase significantly compared with that of infants. Therefore, mothers can buy more loose and comfortable clothes when buying clothes for toddler, such as T-shirts, overalls or outfits,which will benefit the children physical development.

    The overalls pants are made of corduroy and cotton blend, with cute cartoon patterns and bright solid colors. The upper body can be matched with a T-shirt,which look is lovely and trendy.

  • Kids

    kiskissing wholesale 2-pcs kid boy moment hooded sweatshirt and pants set

    After 6-7 years old, children formally enter the school to receive formal education, and before that, the education they receive belongs to children's enlightenment education. At this stage, children will start to have their own ideas, and have gradually built up awareness of their hobbies and what kind of clothes they like to wear.As parents, they need to cultivate their children's independence, starting with teaching their children to dress themselves. At this stage, parents can buy clothes that are easier to wear, so that children can learn more patiently and learn how to dress as quickly as possible.

    The fabric of this outfit is made of cotton blend. Letter print drawstring hoodie with sweatpants. when parents take your children out or play with others children can wear it. The simple design is comfortable and cool.

    When children grow up to adolescence, they will gradually become independent and have begun to buy clothes and dress themselves.

Children need to change clothes frequently when they grow up. Choosing wholesale children clothing is the best choice, especially for a family with limited financial means.

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