These Fashion Fads Are Making a Comeback


Everything old is new again. This is especially true in fashion, where retro styles are often reintegrated into modern wardrobes. Here are some of the vintage trends that you're going to be seeing everywhere this season.

Wedge Shoes

Some would argue that wedge shoes are timeless, and perhaps they are right: they can be found in fashion from the 70s, 80s, and 90s...up to modern day. After all, wedges are stable and comfortable while still providing the height that many fashionistas avidly seek. Wedges can be found today as comfortable sandals, statement boots, and even fitness wear like Fit Flops.

High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are right up there with flannel shirts and Doc Marten boots as hallmarks of grunge fashion. In the early '90s, jeans draped loosely over the hips and puckered in at the natural waist. The legs were loose, emphasizing the grunge movement's emphasis on androgynous style. This year's high-waisted jeans are fitted and therefore emphasis the figure. They lend themselves to layering very well.

Autumnal Colors

One of the most prevalent retro revivals is a very warm '70s-inspired color palette. Rusty reds and burnt oranges have made their way back into clothing. Shelves are stocked with lots of browns and fiery floral patterns that look right out of an episode of The Brady Bunch. Interestingly, these tones are also very popular in makeup right now. Eye shadow palettes are full of orangey browns, mustard yellows and even bold reds.

Duster Cardigans

Long sheer sweaters give the wearer a bohemian air. They came back into fashion as part of the Coachella festival style, which of course drew inspiration from iconic images of Woodstock. A long sweater is more flattering and elegant than one that stops at the hips. It also provides a canvas for a textured knit or embedded design. Sometimes long sweaters are referred to as "boyfriend cardigans" because they are made to look deliberately oversized. This type of sweater is great for the office, and it also works as part of a beach ensemble, complete with Fit Flops and sunglasses.

Center Parts

Long hair parted down the middle is another hallmark of '70s fashion that has seen a rise in popularity. This look can be a bit severe, so you need to have a great sense of style in order to wear it well. It also helps to have very long, shiny hair. Parting short hair down the middle does not achieve the same effect. This is something of an editorial look, since its simplicity only makes an impact when one is dressed especially fashionably. Otherwise it just looks like straight, under-styled hair.




Fashion is cyclical, and bringing back old trends is one of the funnest parts of dabbling in it. If you want to predict what will be stylish in the future, sometimes you need to glance backward first.

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