So you were just walking down the street when you came across this absolutely amazing person, but not a word escaped your mouth and off you went both to your separate ways. Do did it happen in a coffee shop? When the words got stuck and you didn’t know just what to say? Relax, each one of us has been there and done that. It is perfectly normal to be completely bowled over at the first sight. Most of us manage an awkward ‘hi’; a few of us say some words. Majority of people will tell you it doesn’t matter what you say at first but it actually does. With the first words that you say, the other person can either be impressed or simply walk away. And that is why you are in desperate need of the best pick up lines to help you move forward.

The (important) first words

It has been rightly said ‘first impression is the last impression’. If you are looking forward to impress that special someone, believe it, you have only got one shot at it. You can either make it or break it. Play it cool and come across as charming and confident or lose your game and become desperate and needy. There is a fine line between the two and a word more or a glance less can make you stumble over.

Don’t try to make it sound fancy. Simply approach the person and find a nice way to say how you feel and ask them out. Believe me, it works. It is better than saying nothing and much better than giving the wrong impression. At first, you might not be so smooth, but confidence comes over time. Even the best pick up lines don’t work on their own, it is the way you say them that does.

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