The story Behind Noneillah Collection Brand

The Noneillah Brand is American clothing; hip-hop appeal, accessories, and other products line company. It consists of casual, sportswear, swimsuit, wristwatch, handbag, footwear, belt buckle, handmade jewelry and more.  The name came from hip hop artist, songwriter, digital artist, singer, music engineer, entrepreneur and Noneillah’s CEO Sean Cos Mason tag line when he had sung or rap.
What is the meaning of Noneillah?  
Well... the word Noneillah means to Sean Cos Mason is no one is better than him if you look closely at the syllables and break the means down. You will see how his tag line fits his talent. None-means no one, not one person and nobody. Now let’s take a look at the other syllables in the word Noneillah – ILL, in Anton, slang means good, fine, superior and excellent.  The next two letters (ah) is used to express a range of emotions including surprise, pleasure, sympathy, and realization. If you Google or go to Youtube to listen to Sean Cos Mason’s music you will hear him saying his famous tag line Noneillah. He branded and made his tag line word popular through his music. 
Does Noneillah Brand have a slogan?
Yes, Noneillah have a slogan, which is NO DESIGNS ARE BETTER THAN MINE! OR NO ONE DESIGNS ARE BETTER THAN MINE! The slogan derived from his tag line meaning. I also gave Noneillah Brand a sub-slogan and it is AT NONEILLAH WE MAKE FASHION! AND YOU WEAR FASHION! OR AT NONEILLAH I MAKE FASHION YOU WEAR FASHION!
What driven Sean to create the Noneillah collection Brand?
Sean was driven to start his t-shirt and hat Noneillah brand by his mother back in 2012.  I told him to take his hobby for drawing and earn extra cash by putting his artwork on t-shirts, hats or other products.  Sean did just that he was going to start to launch his Noneillah t-shirt line in his our home with the five piece t-shirt presser and the accessibility to screen printing companies that will put his artwork on his collection. Along with distribution companies who will make a massive production of his t-shirt and hat line. Unfortunately, Sean was not able to complete his mission to carry out his t-shirt and hat line because he was tragically killed by Coach USA bus driver Wilson Romaine who was operating NJ Transit in a reckless manner. 
Who carried on the Noneillah Collection after Sean’s Demise? 
After his, demise I, his mother Naomi became the legal overseer of my son’s business, I picked up the responsibility to design for his brand.  From my research Sean’s mother the fashion designer of Noneillah is best known for serving as a teacher, an author, poet an artist an entrepreneur before her son’s tragic life ending.  Noneillah is a privately held company created and owned by Sean Cos Mason.  
How did you take Noneillah from a t-shirt and hat to a global fashion brand?
I started to add and create accessories with masculine graphic prints on the products for men only. Like wrist-watch, credit card holder, traveling bags, neckties, dog tag necklace, and cufflinks. Back in, 2013 I took my son’s Noneillah collection to a men clothing store in the town I reside”. The store own loved the collection that he offered me to put it in his store.  The Noneillah collection was admired by his customers that they asked if the collection carries feminine prints for female’s product. Due to the request of female products, I started to design graphic prints for female on various products. Such as women handbags, handbag mirrors, coin purses, female watches, clothing, belt buckles, business card holder, lighters and credit card holder.  A year later I continue to grow my son’s Noneillah line to female’s swimwear, sneaker, shows, men sneakers, children watches, traveling bag, necklace charms, and purse and children sneakers.
In 2015 I wanted to bring more attention to the collection brand, to keep my son’s legacy alive through his fashion and his music.  Also, raise awareness about my only child tragic death. So, I start to design graphic signature print on few of his collection with music notes that show his love for music. I had a seamstress to help me add pieces to the clothes 2014 fashion week.  Thereafter, I started to sew the clothing by hand. Later on, I was taught by Leah how to use a sewing machine. Thereafter, I started to design ready to wear clothes sewn on the machine and by hand.
What did you do to bring awareness to your son’s tragic loss?
I planned a fashion show to launch my son’s collection and to carry on his music legacy on July 18 through his fashion to showcase the collection at a venue in my son[s hometown.  Sadly to say, the business owner took full advantage of me grieving for my son. The person from the venue took my money and gave my show date away.  Her poor business transaction kept me for putting on the show.  I was disappointed that this person took advantage of me. I shared my story with CEO of Fashion ICON online magazine. He told me he will keep a look out for me to showcase my son’s collection and tell my son’s story to the press and media at the fashion show.
A few months later he sent me a link to register my son’s brand in New York Fashion Week; in 2014 the Noneillah collection got its first debut showcase at SBFW fashion show. Thereafter, the Noneillah collection has showcased at 2015 Beautiful You Tour NYC Fashion Week, Harlem New York Fashion Week, Warehouse New Jersey Fashion Week, Wonderful You Fashion Shows, East Orange City Hall Street Fashion Show, Orange City Hall Pre-Mother's Day Fashion Show giving by the Mayor, Newark Tech. High School, East Orange High School and Dores nonprofit Organization Fashion Show,  Beautiful You Tour Philadelphia Fashion Show, The Deshon Johnson College Scholarship Charity Fundraiser Charity  Legacy Fashion Show and Raising Awareness For Deshon Johnson and Other Who Were Killed by a Reckless Bus Driver Talent/Fashion Show. 
What was your Motivation?  
My motivation came from my love for my son, my son love for music and using his Noneillah Brand to get the message out about his injustice death. 

Was it tough for you? Or Is it tough for you? 
Yes, It is incredibly tough, but the passion for my love for my son and the importance of the cause to raise awareness for his injustice demise made me become an advocate for the project that pushed me throughI would sew clothes, do the graphic design or make jewelry by hands myself and tag them to prepare for the next fashion show to raise awareness. I was told by people at the fashion show and social media that the Noneillah collection has been the most impressive brand on the runway. I promote/put together a college scholarship charity fundraiser fashion to showcase the Noneillah collection on my son’s birthday March 5 and his July 18th demise anniversary fashion for a cause and with a cause campaign, and keeping his legacy alive through fashion as well as his music.
How are you marketing your Sons Collection?
I opened an online store to sell the merchandise.a Year later, I closed the online store because it was a lot to maintain the website. However, I partner with already establish an online store, boutiques and social popular media like,  Etsy, Noneillahstore Pinterest, Bonanza, PayPal, Wanelo, Meylah and other online social media stores to sell the Noneillah Brand. You can Google Noneillah Fashion or Noneillah Collection or Noneillah Clothing or Noneillah Photo shoot to see the Brand
Do you have anyone to help you to run your son’s Brand? Or Help you at the Fashion Shows with his Brand?
I had a model that helped me with my son’s Brand while showcasing at fashion shows, but she’s no longer helps me; because she had stolen three of my son’s collection. Right now, I am the only one who is running my son’s company. However, with the extra hands, I believe I will be more focus on growing my son’s business at a much faster rate. At the point I can make enough money to donate to the foundation I created in his memory.
Where or who would you Like the Noneillah Collect to get more Exposure From?
I am trying to place Noneillah product in the hottest music videos, public figure, actors or any media attention out there for massive exposure.
Who are your Target Audience you are designing the Noneillah Brand for?
The Noneillah collection brand is just not for the hip-hop or people in the music industry; Noneillah caters to all diversity of people. I took my son’s collection from t-shirt to a diverse brand.
 How important is social media for Noneillah’s various fashion brands? And how do you best utilize it?
I use social media to put out a message to raise awareness about my son’s tragic demise and give exposure to Noneillah’s brand. I join several fashion social groups to get input, find out where are fashion shows, network and understand why people like or dislike my son’s brand.  Also to learn what people think about the collection so, I can gain enough knowledge to make the proper adjustments.  It’s very hard to treat something if you don’t know the ailment. Social media is a great critical test. You can push your brand out in the market and see how many orders you get on your website, how many people follow you on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram or friend you on Facebook, and request your product. This information feedback will let you know if you have a winner or if you should go back to the drawing board and reconsider.
What else does the Noneillah Brand has planned?
In September of this year 2015, I launched the Noneillah Entertainment and Fashion Magazine. The magazine showcased the Noneillah collection, poems, emerging models, emerging designers, articles, music artist, advertisement, real life stories and more. You have to see the magazine for yourself.  At this time the magazine is available as a free digital download. By January you will have to buy the magazine publication in print for a small fee or digital download. The money will go to the Deshon Johnson College Scholarship Foundation.
Noneillah also have Noneillah Entertainment site.
Where can a person obtain the Magazine?
Anyone can obtain the magazine. They can Google Noneillah magazine and see it under Joomag or click this link . The magazine is on Issue website too.  At this giving time, Noneillah magazine publication on Joomag is not available for mobile devices. On the other hand, Noneillah magazine on Issuu website is available on mobile devices
What inspire you to become an advocate and use the Noneillah collection as a platform to raise awareness?
I was inspired to use the Noneillah collection to showcase at fashion shows because fashion shows draw a large audience for me to raise awareness and get exposure to the brand. I also knew that the Noneillah collection showcasing at several shows will be a great platform to raise awareness for reckless bus drivers who killed innocent people. Fashion shows attract a large group of people, which helps me spread the message to let people know that death like this is ignored by the justice system and law authorities do not think it is a crucial factor.   The raising awareness fashion show tours allow me to be a voice for parents who lost their child in a catastrophic way and let the justice system know that they need to stop these state-run company massive legal injustice murder and no more cover up.

What's your expectations and success?
My expectation and success are to alter the culture on our streets and make it intolerable to drive recklessly.  Also, to have the justice system to reform the attitude that ‘incident or accidents happen’ and start bringing an indictment in correlation with these crashes, to keep dangerous drivers from murdering more lives."  "Death like this is an incomprehensible loss like all other horrific killings.  My success will be to have a law pass in my son’s name to hold reckless drivers accountable by using the Noneillah Brand to reach in a global economy to make effectiveness in the world that I will be able to carry out my ideas into the world of people that human lives should be value.  I believe I am able to change it into a positive way and make this expectation a reality because each of those victims killed by a public transportation reckless bus driver has a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, or a spouse.
There is families member whose life will never be the same." Yet, these reckless drivers life remain the same that they are able to go back home to be with their family, friends and continue on with their lives.
I believe getting the message out through the Noneillah collection by showcasing at various fashion shows were astronomical of people presence; that hope will be favorable on my side, Self-reliance of probability is an expectant method, that something honorable is going to occur and things will work out for the benefit of justice.  No, matter what situation I am facing. I believe I am a person who has great confidence and isn't an optimism or pessimism person, and I am not an individual who display a disposition attribute. Instead, I have the expectation of positive result.
Why you created this campaign around the Noneillah Brand collection?
I created this campaign around the Noneillah brand to show that this is a fashion with a cause and for a cause. And get million of people involved in the movement to shine some light on death like this that is being swept under the rug,( sought of speaking).  I do not see anyone in the professional industry or radio station incorporate topics that are catering to every niche of my movement. If there is nothing done about killing like this there will be no change. A lot of parents are losing their child of all age to reckless driving like this that is spring out of control at an alarming rate. Killing like this is legalize murder that no one is being held accountable or going to jail.
I have been praise for my innovative approach by using my son’s music and the Noneillah Brand to raise awareness for my son and other victims who were killed by a reckless bus driver. This campaign is important to me.  You never know it can be your love one. You can Google reckless driver or bus driver or Vision Zero and see this is a serious matter that should not be ignored.
What’s next for you?
The next thing, I have is getting the collection in the store to help raise money for my son’s nonprofit college scholarship foundation. I will like to generate enough capital to give to my son’s charity why I am on this earth or dead. I know I would not be able to do it alone, whether it is by having the knowledge or financing it myself. I hope to have an investor or a big company to back me up or directed me, guided me, and assisted me in my global expansion. Also, I am hoping to work with a huge international company like Samsung America or a great strategic partner. I believe if I cannot understand global distribution or basic lesson on starting a company, making a company grow or how to do something, I should search for someone else who does.
You can Google the Deshon Johnson College Scholarship Foundation and learn about the foundation and what schools started the Deshon Johnson Commemorative College Scholarship.
What Plan You Have or Wish for the Noneillah Brand?
I will like to see the Noneillah collection to be a part of a reality or talk show that raise awareness/advocacy with topics that address reckless bus driver killing/ or other reckless driver killings. I wish that laws will be passing to hold reckless drivers accountable for killing innocent people. Also, have a memorial for all those who lost their child from catastrophic death caused by reckless bus drivers or other reckless drivers so these parents can come together and support one another like people from the world trade center and veteran’s memorial. The memorial will show that these people lives were important and not taken in vain nor were the existence was not a vapor that once was. These lives could have been a big contribution to the world that could have made a difference. The Noneillah Brand will always act as a facilitator between brands, fashion with a cause, for a cause and the victims who cannot advocate for themselves.  I hope this campaign will attract other companies, fashion designers, celebrities that this movement needed support for every walk of life. 
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