Some say that a suit makes the personality of a man. Others insist that not wearing the right tie can absolve the purpose of wearing a suit. Well, I believe that it is the right combination of the two that adds power to a man’s image!


A poorly managed suit-and-tie combination speaks volumes as to how a man takes care (or does not) of himself. It creates a picture regarding his priorities, lifestyle and his aspirations in the minds of people around him. Dressing up in a suit with the right accessories (the most important being the tie) enhances the personality of a man and does a lot for his self-esteem as a whole.

Be it men's wedding suits
, graduation day suits, or a simple plain suit, the most important part of dressing in a suit begins with selecting the right color, fabric, pattern and design. Once you choose these to complement the occasion, then half the work is done.

Let us talk about some basic things to consider when matching suits with ties:

  • Choose the right shirt. Usually white shirts gel well with most ties.

  • Coordinate the shirt colors well to create an impressive combination.

  • Brown ties look good with light tan shirts

  • Blue shirts look good with navy, yellow, burgundy or red ties

  • Light pink shirts work well with navy blue or burgundy ties

  • If wearing stripes or checks, match the tie with the base color

  • Use solid, bold colored ties with a solid base dark colored suit.

  • If wearing a patterned suit, the tie pattern must be different as a rule.

Now that you have a slight insight into how you can match your suit and tie, get set to impress! Also, if you are not sure where to pick the perfect suits and ties that are tailored well, look online for some great stuff. Many online retailers offer high-quality, affordable suits to match every man’s style! One can order suits online after choosing the fabric, color, pattern and design of their choice. Since most websites offer free standard shipping, one can get their suit delivered right to their doorstep.

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