The Perfect Pair of Jeans

To me there is nothing more flattering, versatile, wearable and durable than a good pair of jeans. You can dress them up or down and wear them to work, clubbing or shopping without having to stress too much about it. But despite my love for jeans, I have found that many women find them to be the hardest piece of clothing to shop for and with so many cuts and fits it can be even harder to find the right one for you, that is why today I want to review 4 of the most common issues we bump into when buying jeans:

My Butt Looks Too Flat: This one is easy; all you have to do is look for fits that hug and lift your butt. Try a "boot cut" fit that goes from the hip to the knees with a slight flare and the end. Make sure you get the right size, because this jeans tend to be low rise and, let's face it...muffin tops are not flattering on anyone. You can also add volume to the "trunk" with strategically placed washes or embellishments in the back pocket areas: smaller or pointed back pockets spread far apart make your butt look fuller, flaps in the back pockets help to "add some bulk" and lighter washes or fades along the legs and knees add shape to thighs. Please, please, please stay away from the baggies and by all means don't hold back and use all the means at your disposal (washes, shades, embellishments) If you feel like splurging try Hudson Jeans Triangle Pocket Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Grace Wash) that are now on sale at Nordstrom for $110... Or you could try The Gap's Perfect boot jeans for $69.50

My Hips Are Too Big: The most important thing here is to stay away from tapered jeans that will give you an "ice cream cone" look. Go for the "trouser cut" or "straight cut", the objective is for the jeans to go on a straight line without narrowing any part of your body; this will give the illusion of a leaner shape. Look for dark washes and avoid pockets that sit too low as they will shorten the look of your legs. Also avoid washes in the back pocket area, as well as any embellishment and (needless to say) never ever buy a pleaded "mom style" jean and don't even consider capris (nobody should). In this particular case, I splurge with my 7 For All Mankind 'Ginger' Wide Leg at $155, but I have found this Trouser dark wash jean from Banana Republic for $90

I Have a Tiny Waist: Girl, you are lucky...if you have this problem, it means that you probably have a sexy hour glass shape and you can pull off almost anything. Take advantage of your "issue" and go for jeans that emphasize your beautiful curves. Don’t conceal your delicate structure in oversized baggy jeans and instead go for jeans that run straight from the hips to the knees with a good flare at the end of the legs. Also look for a cut with larger hip and smaller waist to avoid an opening in the back, if you don't find pants with this fit, be willing to buy a pair that fits around the butt and is loose at the waist. Some tailoring will be needed. Treat yourself to a little splurge with True Religion 'Carrie' Flare Leg Stretch Jeans for $191 or for $70 get The Gap's Curvy jeans and spend the rest in a cute top and maybe even some shoes.

I Look Like a 12 Year-Old Boy: ok, so you have a small frame...don't panic... as it turns out, your body is perfect for the so trendy "skinny jean". This type of jean is very fitted to the body and it narrows at the end, hence accentuating your womanly curves and bringing the attention to your hips, thighs and one is gonna confuse you with your little brother anymore. Go all out with Habitual 'Alice' Skinny Stretch Jeans for $185 or save a few bucks (a lot actually) with Forever 21 Fab Zipper Denim Jeans for $14.50.

Shopping for jeans doesn't have to be a nightmare, just be patient and try on different styles, washes and designers until you find the one that is right for you.


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