The Perfect "Date Night" Outfit

What's the perfect day for a first date? For me it would definitely have to be Wednesday, let me explain: First, Wednesdays are good because restaurants, cafes or bars are usually not too crowded so for sure you'll get great service and you'll be able to have a relaxed conversation without having to scream over other people. Second, if it turns out to be a great date, the weekend is just a couple of days away so you can plan your second date for Friday or Saturday and then (if things go really good) maybe see each other again on Sunday. On the other hand, if the date just plain sucks you can feel good that you didn't waist a good "weekend day" on a crappy date and you can always say "OMG I have to get up early tomorrow, so we should get going". And third... there is nothing good on TV on Wednesdays, so you might as well go out for a drink

Regardless of the day you choose to go out on a date, the real stress comes when it's time to decide what to wear. The ladies usually want to look sexy without being vulgar and sweet without looking childish. The guys... well they just want us to like them. So, today I'm gonna share with you these great tips from Lloyd Boston, author of Before You Put That On, on how to look amazing for a date...even if you've been married for years

Feature Your Best Feature - Tastefully show off your best physical feature while leaving room for the imagination. Your sensual shoulders, your beautiful back, those gorgeous gams, even just your pretty smile -- choose what feature works best for you, and show it off in styles or with products that highlight it. And remember, when it comes to inspiring romance, a little mystery goes a long way. You don’t have to be skimpy to be sexy.

Be Scent-sational - Mark the occasion with a glorious new fragrance that will linger in your date’s mind. Henceforth, every time they catch a whiff of it, there will be a reminder of you. (Check out my post on "The Perfect Scent")

Goddess in the Details - Regardless of what you wear, get a fresh manicure, pedicure and professional haircut and styling. Plain and simple, good grooming goes a long way. People notice the details! (This one goes out for the guys too!)

Fine and Fancy-Free - Depending on what you have planned, a nice-fitting pair of jeans and a fresh white T-shirt is a stylish, comfortable option. It’s an alluring, fun look that doesn’t shout high maintenance. (find the right jeans for you in "The Perfect Pair of Jeans" post)

Have Fun - Dress for the date’s theme. If you are going dancing, wear a skirt with flare and movement (think gentle ruffles or pleats). If you meet over a candlelight dinner, wear something that has a slight reflective quality above the waist, so you shimmer all night long. Think ahead and play into the night’s mood with clothes and accessories that are comfy and appropriate for the occasion.

Underneath It All - New, alluring underwear will make you feel special and fresh -- even if your date never gets a peek!

Tropical storm Bonnie might put a stop on "date night" for us South Floridians but to everyone else out there getting ready for a big date, go out and have fun...just keep your phone handy in case you need an emergency bail out... or maybe to ask your roommate not to wait up ;-)

Have a great weekend!


The Style Hunter

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