The Past Remains So Present

As the fabulous and wonderful celebrates their 10th anniversary, they brought the 10 biggest headlines in fashion, as well as other 10 tens from the past decade. Luisel Ramos, in 2006 unfortunately became one of these headlines after dying of a heart attack while weighing less than 100 lbs. It was because of this that questions regarding the serious health issue effecting models were raised. Reconsideration started to take place, but a complete departure from the stick thin model was never made. The picture above of plus-sized model Crystal Renn was displayed along-side the top 10 article on A move toward accepting more plus-sized models was attempted but never truly ignited and was justified by the glorification of selective plus-sized models such as Chrystal Renn. I think that remembering what did happen years ago when a young woman tragically lost her life for the price of being thin is just important, if not more so today, then it was when it happened. Are best foot was put forward during NYFW when the first plus-size show took place during a fashion week and hopefully the other foot will follow. We have the knowledge now to understand the effects of starvation and that is more than a serious issue and can be fatal. There is no reason why the image of beauty portrayed on runways cannot be redefined and reinvented to depict what beauty was meant to be; unique. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and can be any shape or size, there is no reason why we should all be conformed to think that one size is beautiful. Why should models live in misery in torment to obtain a body for minutes of glorification on a runway? Instead of saving money making limited sample sizes that are more than impossible to fit into, why cant we save lives instead of fabric? We know too much about the consequences to keep fueling the cycle, something has to change, it is just a matter of who will take a stand and do it.

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