The Oh So Dreaded, But May Become Wonderful Length came out with their "Ten Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe Come Spring", written by Nicole Phelps, to put potentially arising trends into focus. The title of this look is what first caught my attention as it was, "The New Length" and immediately, when I see the word new, I am captured. As I continued to read the description, the new length was again referred to as a challenging length for woman, which could quickly turn a majority of women away from this trend when it comes to their personal wardrobes. However, the article then stated how because such a phenomenal job was done in presenting this look, women's heads may tilt to a more daring side which would cause them to conquer their fear of the mid-calf length pant. I myself have associated a red flag to this length of pant when shopping for myself, as I have never found it to be flattering. Then again, most pants that I have tried on that represented this look were either A. tight and body conscious or B. too loose and ill-fitting. This thought of pants that I have tried on that made me want to live in sweat pants for an eternity put a different angle on the pair of pants from the Spring 2011 RTW shows I have placed above. Yes, I had to take into consideration that they were being modeled by, well, a model who's legs are quite congruent with my arms and that the apparel would not look quite the same on me, but that when the exquisite detail in the length and width of the pant caught my eye. What I like about Narcisco Rodriguez's take on this controversial length was that it went one step further than what we all have come accustomed to seeing. Rodriguez made a slight, yet crucial alteration and lowered the length slightly below the calk so that the hem of the pant falls closer to the bottom portion of a woman's calf as opposed to the middle. This allows the leg to appear slimmer and take the attention away from the hem that normally falls mid calf and creates a wider, unflattering look for the leg. I have a notion that this, once introduced to the market, will become popular among woman who had sworn to never where such a length again.

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