The new road traffic regulations

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki played the role of a road safety instructor. At the school in Bielisze near Radom, he took part in a lesson on the basic rules of behavior on the road for pedestrians and cyclists. The visit was related to the celebration of Children's Day and the changes in road traffic regulations, which entered into force on June 1.


The main organizer of the meeting was the Road Transport Inspection, hence the presence at the school of the heads of this institution and inspectors who played the role of speakers and instructors of safe behavior on the road. They were supported by Prime Minister Morawiecki, who asked the kids questions during lessons in the gym for third-grade students. He asked what equipment cyclists should have, the puzzles also concerned road signs and traffic lights. The kids, who usually answered questions flawlessly, also bragged about where they were going on vacation. Water lifeguards from Radom presented an effective water rescue show, and road traffic inspectors set up their stands in the schoolyard and the school parking lot. All the kids - 377 students in total - were given reflective vests and showered with safety gadgets. The prime minister was impressed by the very good conditions in which the students learn. On the other hand, the school received a considerable supply of volleyball, basketball, and football balls as well as badminton sets from the prime minister. A treat was prepared, but the prime minister did not take advantage of this invitation - the program of his visit was written with minute accuracy and did not provide for such a point. However, road inspection inspectors were served. On the way back to Warsaw, the Prime Minister sent a text message thanking the organizers for a perfectly prepared lesson and demonstrations.


Billions for security

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk met with journalists on the school playground. The subject was the change in road traffic regulations. "Let this day be the beginning of the safest possible traffic on the roads. I am glad that on this day, Children's Day, new road safety rules are introduced," said Mateusz Morawiecki. He added that no regulations can replace common sense and people alone - drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians - will decide whether we will have fewer tragic events on the road. Mateusz Morawiecki announced that PLN 2.5 billion will be spent from the state budget to improve road safety by expanding infrastructure within 12-24 months. The money should go to illuminate dangerous places on the roads.


Pedestrian has priority

According to the regulations changed from Tuesday, pedestrians have priority over any vehicle except for a tram. According to the new regulations, when approaching a pedestrian crossing, the driver is obliged to exercise extreme caution, reduce the speed so as not to endanger the pedestrian on the crossing or it and give way to him. The regulations stipulate that when entering or crossing the road or track, including lanes, pedestrians will not be able to use a telephone or other electronic device that may distract their attention.


The amendment to the regulations also introduced a ban on driving too close to the next car on highways and expressways, popularly known as bumper driving. The distance between the vehicles is to be not less than half the speed with which the vehicle is traveling. This means that a driver at a speed of 100 kilometers should drive 50 meters behind the vehicle in front of him. The exception is to be the overtaking maneuver.


The new regulations also unify the speed limit in built-up areas, reducing it to 50 kilometers regardless of the time of day. Until now, during the night hours (from 23 to 5), the permissible maximum speed was 60 kilometers per hour. As indicated by the authors of the project, the difference in speed between 50 and 60 kilometers is important in terms of the vehicle's braking distance and the potential effects of road incidents.

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