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The five-point pants that are popular in 2021, look tall and thin in this way

The five-point pants that are popular in 2021, look tall and thin in this way

May I ask which girl does not want to be a leg sculptor? It's just that because of their physical advantage, some people only need to choose shorts and look in summer to win countless sights.

Some people, because their legs are not up to standard, can only choose tall and thin bottoms to modify straight and slender legs.

Speaking of items that can "beautify" the figure, five-point pants have been hotly discussed this summer.

Some people think that the upper body of five-point pants can easily fulfill their desire to become fine legs. After the little girls personally experienced it, they came to the conclusion that the five-point trousers have short legs. Because the conclusions are too different, the discussion about the five-point trousers is getting more and more heated in the summer.

After putting on the trousers, the trouser legs are near the knees, and it is indeed easy to wear out the effect of five to five points, and the upper body shows short legs.

Of course, as long as the shortcomings can be solved by wearing skills, the problem is not big. The main content of this issue can help you wear the five-point pants more nicely.

Although the matching difficulty of five-point pants is five stars, as one of the most popular pants in 2021, its advantages are also irresistible.

Not to mention that it hardly chooses occasions, and provides more possibilities for summer wear. It's just that it can accommodate leg problems such as wide hips and thick thighs, which makes people love it.


Choose the right money

1. Length

Whether it is a tall or short girl, who wants to wear five-point pants fashionable, it is recommended that you do not choose the length of the trousers just stuck in the knee area.

Three centimeters above the knee, the upper body is easier to wear an energetic look, especially when worn with a high waist line, the basic style can wear a full street feel.

The five-point pants on the knees, even female stars with a height of 170cm, are insecure when driving, not to mention us who are ordinary in shape.

Of course, girls who can wear it, pull up some of the trousers, not only to modify the leg curve more slender, but also to wear a look full of details in the overall shape.

The way to wear trousers is a skill that small girls must learn. By adjusting the length of the trousers, we can get rid of the trouble of short-legged trousers.

Moreover, in the summer when subtractive wear is the mainstay, this style of wear can not only maintain a cool feeling, but also increase the fashionable value of the style, making people do more than one!

2. Material

If you want to wear five-point pants with a decent and chic look, then we must know how to choose a style according to the occasion.

The five-point pants of different materials have different visual experience, we can use this as a distinction. However, this summer, our get suit and two half pants made of denim will be able to play various occasions.

The denim pants look casual and casual, not only easy to match, but also different styles. Everyday I want to wear a trendy sense of personality without effort. We can choose torn design styles, matching with basic styles can dent the street feel.

But when choosing a style, don't forget to choose a version according to the shape of the leg. Slightly slim five-point pants, although it is easier to change the legs, but it is not suitable for thick legs.

Straight-shaped five-point trousers are suitable for different body types and are more popular. As long as we choose to increase the waistline, we can dent the look with full marks in the aura.

Suit-style pants are still the best choice for commuting. The neat and capable version and the design of the high waist line can outline the slender waist and long legs on the upper body. Not only can the upper body be worn out of the royal sister's style, it also looks very elegant.

Of course, in order to enhance the sense of style, choose leather or metal style belts, bags, watches and other accessories when matching, and easily enhance the taste of wearing on the upper body.

If you want to have fun in the workplace, the fabric of your shirt can't be cheap! Simple but not losing texture tops are the key to your petty bourgeoisie style.

Suit-style five-point trousers, if you want to wear a formal look, you must not ignore the high waist line, and the dress corners are neat and generous on the upper body, which will be easy to see!


Highly matching skills

Asian girls are often petite. Even if they choose the right style, they will get swollen and soiled if they are not careful. Therefore, five-point pants have always been a dangerous item that people dare not try easily.

Japanese girls are better in dressing, they not only deduce the charm of legs, but also wear five-point pants with a salty and girly style, which is more suitable for Asian girls to learn from.

Without the height advantage of European and American girls, we can make people ignore our height through the skill of matching height.

Before summarizing the high matching for everyone, let's take a look at this day's miscellaneous look. Do you find that Japanese girls like soft and strong matching skills. Using light-colored or soft fabrics, as well as small and fresh hat accessories, you can wear a look that is more in line with the temperament of Asian girls.

1. Color extension method

Next, let's take a look at Japanese girls' tall matching skills. They like to use colors to extend the length of their legs, such as the same color and one-color bottoms. The upper body is simple and elegant, and it is easy to learn. You are worth a try.

It's just that if the bright color is in the lower body, we need to use accessories to increase the highlights of the upper body, so that the upper body can shift the styling focus to a higher place, so as to wear a more tall look.

2. Extend the leg length up

Some people prefer the color contrast method, which not only enriches the styling sense, but also clarifies the waistline position. It's just that we want to wear the perfect body proportion when matching, and we must arrange how to wear the corner of the jacket.

In addition, tops designed with V-neck, big round neck and exposed waist can also shorten the length of the upper body, helping us to wear a more tall look.

The five-point pants will make the body ratio five to five points, so it will naturally appear short. Only by shortening the length of the top and extending the leg length upwards, we can readjust the proportions of the figure, so that even short girls can wear long legs.

In addition, this kind of oversize wind jacket + waistless top is worn, covering the flesh and looking thin, even fat girls can easily control it, and become fashionable and refined in seconds!

Japanese girls also like to combine five-quarter pants and straps. Not only can the upper body easily interpret the small and fresh style, but also extend the leg length upwards, making people ignore your real height.

Of course, it is best to choose a high-waist design with five-point trousers, so that even if we choose to wear loose up and down, we will not be fat.


One loose and one tight way of wearing

Of course, the most correct way to open the five-point pants is to compare them with one loose and one tight. It can make the figure slimmer, and the upper body can easily enhance the appearance of the shape.

If you don't know how to wear it, you can directly choose the matching formula that suits you according to your body type.

1.oversize top + tight pants

The looseness between the upper and lower clothing is obvious, and the upper body can be thinner. Of course, the tights that highlight the curves of girls' legs, the upper body is not only thin, but also a little sexy.

This time, the upper pine and lower tight wear method demonstrated on the right is very suitable for an apple-shaped figure. Although the tight-fitting five-point pants are more leg-cutting, they have a significant slimming effect. They collide with the loose tops, covering the flesh and appearing thin, and they are also lazy and sexy.

2. Five-point pants suit + tight top

Suit style jacket + five-point pants suit, not only can easily interpret the charm of big women, but also mix and match different styles.

But no matter how you wear it, a loose-fitting suit is best matched with a cool and thin top, you can wear an A and desire look.

3. Waist-fitting sun protection clothing + five-point pants

Girls who are afraid of the dark, want to wear sunscreen clothes + five-point pants, wearing thin and good-looking, it is also very simple. We only need to choose a sunscreen with a waist design to create an hourglass figure.

And this conservative way of wearing the upper body, and the suit just now can cover up to 80% of the body problem.

Five-point pants show short legs? Can be solved through matching skills, the problem is generally not big. We keep in mind the above three points in our collocation, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin, it can be fashionable.Read more at:formal dress shops melbourne | formal dresses perth

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