The Definition Of A Layette

8843440481?profile=originalExpectant parents can be very excited about the new little bundle of joy that is going to change their lives for the better. Parents-to-be are going to read a lot about what they need to buy, and they may also search clothing stores to see what is going to be available. Some clothing stores, like the Posh Closet, have clothing lines like Persnickety Clothing, which feature layettes for babies to wear. However, what parents may not understand is that the word layette actually applies to more than one kind of clothing for babies.

The Different Types Of Layettes

When parents hear the word layette, they think that it’s some kind of gown that the babies wear, but that is not the case. Layettes can actually apply to many different kinds of baby clothing, and here is more information on the different types of layettes that are available from clothing lines like Persnickety Clothing:

•    The one piece body suit: This is the most familiar piece of baby clothing that is known as a layette, but other people may call it a onesie because it is a one piece body suit. The suit fits easily onto baby, and then has snaps located at the crotch area, which will make it easy when it comes time to change the diaper.

•    The side snap shirt:This form of a layette is a small shirt that actually has to be put on a baby like a jacket that just happens to snap on the side. With this shirt, parents are able to dress their babies in something comfortable, and are designed for comfort with baggy sleeves and its loose fitting style.

•    Sleepers: Sleepers are layettes that cover the entire body of the baby because they have a tendency to loose body heat quickly. It is very important to keep baby warm, and sleepers are also made with thick material to ensure the preservation of body heat. The sleepers have snaps that go down the legs, which make diaper changing easy. Also, sleepers are made from flame resistant polyester, which also allows the skin of babies to breathe.

•    Infant gowns: Unlike sleepers, infant gowns are not enclosed, which definitely makes changing easier because there is instant access to the legs. Also, infant gown has special sleeves that fit over the hands of babies to keep them from scratching their face.

Parents-to-be are preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy, and may buy everything they see including layettes. However, when online shopping, Persnickety Clothing is just one clothing line that features layettes, and the term actually applies to more than one kind of baby clothing. Layettes can also mean a one piece body suit known as onesie, sleepers,a side snapped shirt, infant gowns, and many other items that are designed specifically for baby. Expectant parents are very happy, and excited, about the new baby coming, but they need to make sure they understand what a layette is before they start buying clothes for their babies because they may end up with a lot of clothing they do not need.

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