The A-Z Guide on Diamond Cuts

Diamond has always been a woman’s best friend, but do you know everything about a diamond? People usually purchase diamond jewellery by mostly looking at its design- which is not a problem to a certain extent. As a jewellery shopper, you have to be careful that the diamonds you buy are of good quality. If you’re planning to buy the latest diamond earrings, necklace, ring, or bracelet, make sure you have some information about the diamond’s cut. A cut is one of the many “C”s that is a crucial aspect of a diamond’s quality – the other three “C”s being the clarity, color, and carat.

A diamond’s cut affects the overall aesthetics of diamond jewellery, so make sure you don’t ignore it, assuming it is irrelevant. To make your work relatively easier, we’ve listed down all the popular diamond cut types along with some essential information about a diamond’s cut that you should be aware of to make better purchase decisions.

Diamond Cuts: Things You Should Know

The diamond’s cut refers to the visible features of a diamond. When we talk about visible features, we’re talking about the diamond’s proportions, finish, polish, and symmetry. These features are generally imparted in the gemstone during its cutting process, making its natural features stand out. And most importantly, the diamond’s cut impacts the way light travels through the gemstone and its intensity.

As a consumer, it is a matter of personal taste, so you can choose whatever aspect you deem important. Besides these visible aspects or features, another vital thing to consider is the gemstone’s different available cuts. For the uninitiated, one can find a diamond in the following cuts:

Round Cut Diamonds

The most popular diamond cut type, the round cut diamonds, are exactly what they sound like, i.e., diamonds with a precise round cut. It is believed around 75% of the total diamonds sold globally are in the round cut. These can be found on rings and earrings.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Originally created in the 1980s, the princess cut is one of the fanciest diamond cut’s available in the market today. Owing to its spectacular aesthetics, this cut goes with almost every ring setting, making it pretty versatile. A princess-cut diamond is expensive, but it hasn’t affected its demand at all.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

A modified cut diamond, the marquise cut is a unique cut of the lot. It has a visibly football-like appearance and is usually a part of high-end jewellery. This cut makes the diamond look long and narrow, which also gives the illusion of the diamond being of a large size. Besides beautiful rings and earrings, you can also find marquise cut diamonds in necklace settings.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Possessing a sheer amount of brilliance, the oval cut diamond is known as a modified diamond. It possesses an advantage over other diamond cuts because of its unique, eye-catchy, and elongated shape. Similar to the marquise cut, even oval-cut makes the diamond appear larger than the actual size.

Pear-Shaped Cut Diamonds

This unique cut is a combination of a round cut and a marquise cut. It can also give the appearance of an inverted tear-drop cut. These cuts are usually for diamonds that are to be placed in high-end rings. But you can also get them placed in earrings by placing a customization request.

Besides the cuts mentioned above, you can also find cushion cut asscher cut, radiant cut, and emerald cut, but they are not as commonly used as the ones mentioned above. Now that you’re aware of the diamond cuts, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase decision.

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