Taurus Woman Secrets

Taurus women Secrets have both their feet on the ground. They have a calm and tranquility that the restless can only envy. Mindlessly chasing dreams and illusions is not their style. For Taurus women what matters is what is here, what is real, what they can achieve right now, in this moment. And when a Taurus woman decides she wants something, no force can stop her.

Taurus Woman Personality

Not born as a hasty one, the Taurus woman likes to dedicate herself fully to what she sets her mind. Then she lives one moment at a time, with full focus and clarity. So if you are a Taurus woman, remember this trait to notice the details, and everything you touch will be well done. She is sophisticated, sensitive and seeks the best of what life can offer. She is about being dressed in pajamas and flip-flops: She has an air of natural elegance for those who know how to appreciate all the simple as well as sophisticated joys of life.

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Taurus women don’t cry for a small thing or dramas. She is known to hide a wall behind her sometimes serious face. Taurus zodiac sign is known for strength and constancy. It is the anchor for any storm. Sometimes it expresses itself as stubbornness under the pretext of determination. After all, she doesn’t like to shuffle, is dedicated, and is always ready to face another challenge.

Taurus Women’s Love and Sex Life

Their sensuality is not revealed in everyone’s eyes, for they are subtle in expressing love and sexual passion. But it’s intricately woven in her eyes, her curves, her smile. Taurus women seduce in such an engaging way that even before you know it, her partner is already in love. There is no hug hotter or more intense than her kiss. Taurus women’s surrender to love is only rivaled by her taste for a fine meal.

Do not expect to find Taurus women announcing her love to the world. Their practicality and discretion go against these exaggerated outbursts of passion. What she appreciates is fidelity, affection, sincerity, and complete surrender. It is what she gives and what she expects in return. She will see right through you if you give her half truths or just a portion of your love. This the Taurus women simply do not accept and surely do not deserve. They may run away from fights and conflicts to uphold peace and harmony, but when they lose their temper… the one who provoked her, is sure to regret it greatly. It takes a lot, however, to get off a Taurean woman’s hook. They are known to prefer coldness to violence.

Taurus Woman Career

She works hard for what she believes in and can do well in any job as long as there is enough silence to concentrate. She prefers routine to adventure, but routine is never boring to her. Taurus women have their own ability to make everything look more cozy. A Taurus woman’s house is comfortable. Her car always smells like new. When she plans the New Year’s trip it is certain that everyone will feel good. Her farewell hug always feel warm and good.

Taurus women don’t give up on what is right for the sake of a fantasy. She knows right away when something is wrong or fishy. She is never the helpless maiden and has the strength to face all challenges and dangers. But she also has a delicate and feminine side. She likes art, poetry, and cooking… These activities really make her feel good. The world indeed is more colorful in the eyes of a Taurus woman.

3 Secrets of the Taurus Woman That You Must Remember

A Taurus woman is very much like a lady of the desert, where she doesn’t care much what people think about her. So if you want to attract this type of woman and make her feel at ease around you, then these Taurus women secrets will be very useful for you.

A Taurus woman would be very interested in letting you know what things are comfortable to her and the things that would cause her stress. Taurus women often try to avoid being in situations where they have to deal with unnecessary stress. It’s one thing to know the secrets of a Taurus woman, but it’s another thing entirely to master these secrets so as to achieve the kind of relationship you want with her.

One of the best Taurus women secrets is that she will not like to talk about sex. Even if it’s something that she finds exciting, she won’t admit that she likes it because she knows she might be judged harshly by you. This will drive you crazy, but she will not care at all if you feel in that way. If you can manage to avoid bringing up the subject of sex for conversation with her, then she will never even remember about the actual event.

Another thing that she might find annoying is when you’re constantly on your phone, to keep in touch with friends and family. If you’re just wasting her time, she might get tired of you very quickly. She wants to have a good time with you, not spend all your time together worrying about what people are saying about her and you two. If you can make sure to keep yourself busy with work or any other job that does not involve too much talking (especially when with her,) then you can easily make her appreciate you more.

If you want to make her really happy, then you need to make her feel important. The last thing you want to do is to annoy her with your useless company. If you find that you do not have a lot to offer in terms of advice or friendship, then try to do what you can to make her feel like she is the only person in the world.

If you follow these Taurus women secrets to the letter, then you will be able to win her over very easily. The sooner you can do this, the better, because she will likely be very open to the idea of you dating her. Once you have gained her trust, then there is nothing that you cannot do to make her happy.

She can look bossy, be stubborn, take work. But this is just another way for Aries to show where she came from. It’s not a matter of arrogance, it’s just safety of yourself. Which delights, but also scares those who are not prepared to take the blow. She does not accept to be silent, does not bow her head and knows that her place is where she wants to be.

Aries lives for challenges. In love, at work, in life. Nothing better than having to fight for an achievement to pique her interest. You will never see her quiet in a corner. Silence and passivity has nothing to do with her. The Aries works hard, goes after, truly surrenders to what arouses her passions. Her voice is always heard, because she always wants to have the last word. But all this dedication can turn to dust if she realizes that her job is disappointing or that love is not sincere - an Aries woman lives half way, or she is body and soul or simply not.

Romance, by the way, is not the center of your life. Living in dreams and expecting the enchanted prince is no fun for an Aryan. She doesn’t run after someone who didn’t give her a ball, she doesn’t annul herself to live a love and sees no problem being alone. She, in the first place, loves herself. This security seduces, is almost a magnet attracting the eye of those who care. Conquering it is another story (love of the challenge, remember?).

But she is faithful until the end when real love arrives. She doesn’t want a master or a doormat, but someone who stands by her, supports her, and can be proud of. Aries likes a compliment, but it’s not worth flattering just to get something. It only tolerates truth. Life beside her is not calm. It is emotion. She will demand the best of her love, but instead she will devote herself to him like no other. But if he hurts or betrays her ... Forget it, he has no chance of forgiveness. Aries has little tolerance for those who do not treat it as a priority.

She is independent, enthusiastic. You have a faith in the future that seems naive, but not when you see your resolve closely - yes, it can make it all come true. She may be too impulsive, too aggressive, but where she arrives, gets attention. She is inspiring. Cutting the cheap of an Aries is a mistake. You put out your flame, and it becomes bitter and resentful. Only someone like her was born to shine. The loss will be yours, for when it rises again, it will continue to enchant all who cross its path.

The Taurus Sun sign is ruled by Venus, making Taurus women, in particular, especially feminine and sensual. Those born between April 20 and May 20 belong to this sign, the second in the Zodiac, and aptly known as the Bull.

Taurus is both an Earth sign and a Fixed sign, the latter of which means they stick to tradition and reject change in most areas of life. In fact, they are quite set in their ways.

Taurus Woman: Overview

The personality traits Taurean women possess make them the embodiment of quiet strength and beauty. No one can resist a woman who combines the strength and resilience of a bull with the graceful generosity of spirit.

While they are known for being stubborn, when it comes to the people they care about and their romantic relationships, they go above and beyond to make sure everyone in their orbit is well taken care of. Quiet, driven and full of thunder, life and love with a Taurean woman is bound to be glorious as it gets.

Though they are a bit hedonistic and have a taste for the finer things in life, she’s determined, independent, loyal, and genuine. There’s no other sign quite like her, and when she has her eye on the prize, she always follows through, no matter the circumstances. She’s also consistent and balanced, working hard and enjoying herself to equal degrees.

As one of the most reliable zodiac signs, the Taurus female drives herself forward, always with purpose. But she tends to be resistant to change, and once she’s made up her mind, it’s nearly impossible to convince her otherwise. She lives life with the end game in mind of personal success, and her stubbornness is just one reason why.

Taurus Woman In Love and Relationships

When the Taurus woman is in search of a potential mate, she prefers to sit back and let them take the reins. While she’s assertive and sure of herself, because she’s a Fixed sign, she’s rooted in tradition, and nothing is as traditional as a woman being pursued.

A date who brings her flowers and truly romances her is likely to win her heart. And though she’s headstrong, she lives a pretty low-key life; the same goes for romance, where she doesn’t need grand romantic gestures to be impressed.

Anyone lucky enough to date a Taurus woman will feel the same way in a relationship with her. She takes care of her partner and lets down her guard once she’s comfortable. This stable and reliable woman is there in the good times and bad, because a Taurus woman in love is the ideal mate.

Once she falls in love, she’s incredibly committed and loyal to the object of her affection. After all, she’s already spent so much time making sure they are worthy of her heart! Since trust is of the utmost importance, if her partner breaks it in any way, she has enough common sense to walk away.

That said, a relationship built on fidelity and trust will last forever. Not only that, but a great relationship for the Taurus woman is focused on sharing emotions, and providing tender love and care.

With Taurus compatibility, she’s most compatible with Water signs Cancer and Pisces, and Earth sign Virgo. Virgo is responsible and dependable; Cancer is gentle and loves the protection Taurus provides; Pisces values the tenderness and romance that Taurus gives in relationships.

Taurus Woman Sexuality

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality and femininity, so this woman wants a tender sexual experience with the right person. More than pleasure, she truly cares about connecting with her partner in a deep way.

When she has sex with someone she loves, the Taurus woman is simply enchanting. Outside of the bedroom she seems boring and unchanged, but during sex, she’s intense and focuses her energy on passion. Sex is important to a Taurus, so any experience she has is full of seductive moves, taking her time, and, with a little encouragement, trying new things.

Because she’s hesitant to change, Taurus is completely fine with similar sexual experiences. She has the power and stamina to keep the passion alive, even if she’s in the same positions each time.

Taurus Woman Personality Traits

To the outside world, Taurus seems dull and reserved, but in reality, this woman has great emotional strength that allows her to deal with anything thrown her way. Her self-control is unmatched, and she’s the last one to ever whine and moan when things don’t go her way.

That said, she’s quite stubborn when making decisions or welcoming change, as she’s set in her ways. This can cause issues with her personal growth, particularly in relationships and her career.

Still, she’s independent and doesn’t need other people to help her move ahead in life. She’s confident in each aspect of her life, meaning nobody can pull one over on her; Taurus is assertive when she needs to be.

Independent and loyal, she will give her friends and loved ones anything she can provide, and she expects that same level of support in return. Her commitment and loyalty are the real prize to those in her life.

Despite their self-control and devotion, Taurus women are quick to anger. Even though she’s emotionally strong, a large amount of stress can cause her to break. These volatile outbursts are frightening to her close friends, family, and partner, but she only acts this way if there’s a reason.

But there’s no doubt that this quality is easy to overlook when people understand how genuine and honest she is; she’s just being true to her feelings, after all.

Taurus Woman: Career

In her career, the Taurus woman is determined and dedicated to the tasks at hand. She’s resilient in every situation, and is incredibly reliable as an employee or boss. That said, she’s perfectly capable of taking orders from her superiors, and works hard to complete anything she sets her mind to.

The perfect careers for Taurus women are those that allow her to be creative, so jobs focused on music, writing, art or design are ideal. However, she’s able to put her head down and get her work done, so other jobs can include construction, manager, chef, banking, and even executive.

Taurus Woman: Family Life

Because she’s so incredibly nurturing, Taurus women make wonderful mothers. They provide everything their children need, and more, and are sure to make sure their brood understands affection and love. She enjoys spending time with her family, just hanging out at home.

But she also wants her kids to recognize the importance of having a routine. She’s not strict, but she does expect her family to follow certain rules and follow through on their responsibilities. She also shares traditions from her childhood with her kids, and lets them grow up with that same heritage.

Taurus Woman: Friendships

Taurus is your friend for life. The friends she made in her youth are often with her for the rest of her life. Friendship is important to Taurean women, and all the loyalty and support she provides is from a place of love. Still, she expects her friends to provide the same for her.

Rather than a large group of acquaintances, Taurus prefers a small circle of her closest friends. It can be difficult for her to make new friends that stick, mainly because she’s so set in her ways and isn’t always open to change in this way. She won’t go out of her way to seek new companions because she’s happy with those good friends she already has.

8 Fun Facts About Taurus Women

Taurus' strength is unparalleled.

This woman is emotionally strong and can handle any situation that life throws her. Even the most severe emotional problems are dealt with in a calm, rational way. This strength is highly enviable, especially from the zodiac signs that don’t have this much finesse.

She’s true to herself.

Anyone close to Taurus knows you will never have to doubt her for a moment. Once she’s in love with you or cares deeply for you, she is the epitome of honesty. She’s not about superficiality or phoniness.

Her love is constant.

Because Taurus is the stabilizer in astrology, she’s always consistent with what she does. That goes double for her romantic life or platonic relationships. Once she cares for you, that adoration is unbreakable.

Taurus women care about the wellbeing of others.

With a Taurus woman, you will always feel safe and loved in her presence. She’s humble and won’t ever let her loved ones worry about their safety. With her, she looks out for the comfort of those she loves most.

She has a great sense of humor.

You might not know it from her calm exterior, but no one is funnier than Taurus. She loves to make everyone laugh, and really, who doesn’t love to laugh?

Taurus women set firm boundaries.

No wonder she’s so secure! Even if they care about something or someone, she knows when it’s time to cut it loose. She respects and loves herself enough to realize this.

Life with Taurus women is one of peace and warmth.

She’s a peaceful soul and appreciates the natural beauty of life, especially in nature. She’s the kind of person who will collect flowers and lay in the sunshine. And that kind of natural beauty can never be faked.

She’s resilient.

Taurus women are tough, self-motivated, and self-reliant. No situation is too powerful to overcome.

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