The T-shaped fabric that revolutionized the fashion industry is more of a form of personal expression for people today. From funny slangs, movie characters, to something from the current trend, people want to get things printed on t-shirts and parade them, all of which is possible with an online t-shirt design software.  

The skyrocketing demand for printed t-shirts has given birth to a t-shirt personalization business, which is now a hit among business aspirants looking for ideas. T-shirt personalization has become a big craze now as it gives people the freedom to modify t-shirts as they want and pay for it which seems fair. From the color, text, print, pattern, character, fabric, shape, to the size, everything about a t-shirt can be chosen as one wants.        


To personalize a t-shirt, there is no need for heavy machinery, any professionals, or big budgets; a simple t-shirt designer software can help anyone get a t-shirt designed for their choice. So, let's understand how a t-shirt design tool works and benefits its users.  

A t-shirt design software can be easily integrated into any eCommerce website giving its users the power to play around with ideas, and pick a t-shirt on which they want it to be printed. After that, from the editing table, the designs created by users can be turned into high-resolution print-ready files that can be saved, downloaded, or shared as well. The customer can then get the design printed on their favorite tees using the web-to-print feature in the tool and get it delivered to flaunt them later. Now here are the benefits of t-shirt design software for each.  

For customers

  • A dedicated design studio to personalize chosen product with text, colors, clipart, or images.
  • Mobile-friendly and works with any screen size feature that allows t-shirt personalization on the go. 
  • Friendly mobile UI that gives consistent user experience across all devices and makes designing of products smooth and straightforward that needs no technical expertise.  
  • Social media sharing options to showcase the designs to family and friends. 
  • Multi-lingual support for users to use and understand the t-shirt design tool in their comfortable language. 
  • A library of clipart and fonts to play with text, fonts, color, outline, shapes, cliparts, themes, and freehand art. 
  • Customers can create unique QR codes for nine different data types
  • Can add name and number to appear on the front or the back of the self-designed t-shirts and order them in bulk amount. 
  • Enjoy a 360-degree 3D preview of the designed t-shirt and download its print proof.
  • Image upload option along with image health check monitor that alerts users for an acceptable resolution. Users can upload directly from the desktop, Instagram, Picasa, and Flickr and can also attach the source files for printing with each image upload.  

For store owners

  • Can manage and offer a library of editable design templates for customers to personalize t-shirts on their own. 
  • Lock-unlock any design element to control template editing.
  • Multi-language support that translates the store into multiple languages for users from any corner of the world to understand and use it without any troubles. 
  • Manage orders, approve artworks, and carry out centralized client communication. 
  • Configure output color profile and file type, the base unit for artwork measurement, acceptable image formats and resolution in DPI, allowed image upload size limit, enable/disable watermark for preview files, name labels in different languages for all customizable sides and email ids for artwork approval message board.
  • Turn on or off various editing controls for text, clipart, shape, QR code, name/number, and upload image, etc. Configure final action from the design studio as Add-to-Cart or Download Artwork and decide whether to show/hide live pricing in the design studio.
  • Control design studio theme, font, and colors to match the website brand and identity without writing a single line of code or without any CSS modifications.
  • Setup API keys for social media integration for Flickr, Instagram, and Dropbox.
  • Streamline the entire workflow from the purchase order, order processing to delivery and billing.
  • Increase capability & scale to produce big orders of customized products as well as serve small quantities.
  • Save need and time for developing skills, investment, and infrastructure to process orders.
  • Setup multiple printing methods and define printing cost based on no. of colors, artwork size, or order quantity. Add artwork setup and image upload fee if required. Setup extra charge for printing name/number for group orders. Assign multiple printing methods for customers to choose from available options. 

What's so special about t-shirt design tool? 

Online t-shirt design tool is so easy-to-use that anyone can get started with t-shirt personalization the very instant. Apart from that, with other perks one can gain from us are;  

  • 30 days warranty with free support. After that, lifetime paid support is available on easy AMC plans.
  • Detailed user manual and training videos along with live-training by technical experts.
  • Lifetime license with no revenue sharing or commission.  

Reach us out, if you are impressed with the t-shirt design software and want to further impress others by implementing it on your eCommerce platform. 


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