I'm preparing for my first big Hand-Off: the time when my daughter will go to full-time day care instead of spending time with me or with a sitter at home.  On one hand, I'm glad, because Style Up Co. has grown quickly and I am delighted to be working in something I'm passionate about.  On the other hand, I'm faced with the fact that life never really stays the same, and when the waters do seem calm, it's only a preparation for the next transition.

We can never avoid change, only delay it or pretend that it isn't there.  The difficulty with avoidance is that by ignoring change, the problem gets so big that there comes a point in which we can no longer ignore it, and we are pushed to embrace it, or else.  What was a hint of a problem is now a huge issue, and we have to pull our resources, time, and energy to deal with it.  Change doesn't play favorites, and can happen in our lives, with our health, in our relationships, and in our jobs.  One of my favorite pieces of advice is: 'In the face of change, simply say, "This is something new. I acknowledge that there is something different in my life.  God (or whomever/whatever you believe in), help me to be at peace with this change."'

I am blessed that I have the opportunity to be surrounded by people - including my clients, my staff, and my family - who are dedicated to improving themselves.  In the face of change, they may fight, but underlying their resistance is an acknowledgement that in order to grow we must change, learn and do our best.  And as people, isn't that really all we can do?

Have you experienced a great season of change recently?  If so, please share your advice with the rest of us.  What did you lean, and how has it effected your outlook on life?

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