Style Guide for Wearing Wedge Boots


I have a confession to make. I never wore shoes with more than 3 inches heels. I guess that is the tallest shoes I can use without tripping or worse, breaking my ankle. Surprisingly, there are people who can wear as high as 7 inches heels without batting an eyelash. Oh well, lucky for them. But if you are like me who couldn’t resist the temptation of walking barefoot rather than walking in those sky-high shoes, maybe you can try wearing wedge boots instead.

Wedges are without a doubt easier to walk in and can also make your legs appear longer as much as stilettos can do minus the discomfort. It is also more feet friendly especially when you have to stay standing up for more hours than the usual. The balanced heels can support your body and can save you from a lot of sore muscles afterwards.

8843147284?profile=originalWho says you can’t have style and comfort at the same time? Wedge boots are equally fashionable compared to other high heeled shoes but are more sturdy and comfortable to wear. When paired with the right tops and jeans, you can achieve the sexy and fashion forward look you want to achieve.

When weari8843147856?profile=originalng it with jeans choose the one with straight cut or opt for skinny jeans. Choose skinny jeans that are not too tight and fall perfectly at your ankle. Loose bottoms draw the weight to your boots thus making your legs appear shorter. Wearing skinny jeans gives you a neat look and balances the bulkiness of wedges boots.

Miniskirts and flared above the knee skirts also look good with wedge booties. Choose dark colored boots for a more chic and sexy look. Show off your legs by wearing miniskirt while letting your boots get the right attention. You can also wear some leggings or tights when the weather is a little chilly.

Check out your closet for above the knee dresses with sleek designs and pair it with your favorite pair of wedge boots and you’re ready for a night party or evening date! Save the solid colored boots for formal occasion but go adventurous and funky with spiked or studded boots.

Knowing how to choose the right footwear at the right time can save you from a lot of fashion disaster. And although fashion models and celebrities like to wear a lot of sky-high heels, it is still best to know what is comfortable and safe for your everyday use. Buy a pair or wedge boots and mix and match with it your favorite fashion pieces and you are good to go. Just don’t forget that the first function of shoes is to protect your feet and make walking easier, everything else is just secondary.

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