Louis Vuitton bags in South Africa not only sit at the top of the fashion world but also it has a long and exciting brand history. Nowadays, so many different options are available. But this brand is one of the most influential luxury brands, and we all know fashionistas across the globe love LV bags.

You can spend the whole day reading about the history and the lineage of Louis Vuitton Handbags in South Africa. But today we are going to reveal some fun facts about the brand so that you can understand why people shop second-hand Louis Vuitton bags in South AfricaCheck out some tidbits about the precious journey of this luxurious brand over the years.

Louis Vuitton got his first break as a box-maker and packer

Yes, you heard it right. Louis Vuitton was appointed as the employee of Napoleon Bonaparte's wife. He used to pack her wardrobe before her visit to different royal residences. It was known to be a respectable job then. After that, the Emperor wanted to him to design a unique bag for his beloved wife, and his skilled hand showed its magic. There was no looking back for Louis Vuitton then. Nowadays, people choose to pay thousands of dollars for each bag. Fashionistas even love to buy pre-owned Louis Vuitton Handbags in South Africa for less because its rich heritage still roars that I am the best.

The Noé Bag was outlined to carry bottles of Champagne

A luxurious brand like Louis Vuitton can face fancy problems which too can become a little confusing for them to handle. The elite wanted a stylish bag to carry their Champagne bootless to picnics and get-togethers; and Noe was born - the best solution which eventually became the most significant design of that year. You'll be amazed to know that the first bucket bag in the world, Noe was created to carry five Champagne bottles. No doubt, this fantastic bucket bag can still stylishly take the entire load. It can be a life-long companion to anyone, and that is why fashion-buffs are ready to invest in second-hand Louis Vuitton Handbags in South Africa because they already know that they'll get a return value on the bag even after years.

Louis Vuitton did something unusual to avoid copycats

Back in the day, trunk manufacturers used to copy Louis Vuitton's trunks. The brand used to follow the striped pattern at that time. In the year 1888, the brand started a new check print. Nowadays, this fine check print is recognized as Damier. People also call it checkerboard. But those trunk manufacturers latched onto it too. But here we are talking about the most iconic design of Louis Vuitton Bags in South Africa. They always think one step ahead of the counterfeits. In the year 1896, they created a more detailed monogram which was almost impossible to copy. In one word, triumphant, isn't it?

Where can you buy second-hand Louis Vuitton Bags South Africa for less?

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