Winter is coming and soon you will be dusting off your jackets and pullovers. However, dressing up for winter doesn’t mean that you should look boring and dull. Generally it is a little hard to stand out in the crowd in winter compared to summer but here are some nifty winter dressing tips for men to dress well and stand out in the crowd.

  1. 8843678252?profile=originalDressing up for work during the cold – Most offices don’t require you to spend too much time outside in the winter. But still, there are some of you who have no choice but to brave the cold and spend more time outsides even in winter. Just wear your usual dress shirt and tie over a long sleeved underlayer. You could put a sweater on top of that layer for warmth and style both. Then put on long woolen overcoats on top of it, preferably black in color and then top everything off with a stocking cap.
  2. Pay attention to footwear – One of the most important aspects of dressing up well for winter is paying proper attention to your footwear. Heavy army boots with a nice grip that won't slip on the icy pavements while keeping you warm at the same time are an idea choice. They can be a bit on the expensive side but you can easily find coupons for men’s clothing sites to save a good deal of money.
  3. Eyewear for winter – Although many don’t prefer wearing sunglasses during the winter, donning one of those slick sunglasses would definitely set you apart from the crowd. shades add mystery to your winter looks and also protect your eyes from sun, wind and debris. At the same time, they also help reduce the evaporation of natural moisture and help keep the eyes comfortable. If you wear contact lenses, wearing sunglasses can be even more important as they keep your lenses from drying out and also prevent particles flowing along with the wind from causing corneal abrasions. Not just that they also help reduce headaches and eyestrain.
  4. Going for an alternative outer layer of clothing – Trying out an alternative outer layer of clothing can be a bold move and while they may not suit all situations, they will definitely make a good fashion statement. Skip your coat and go for an on trend blanket, poncho or cape like piece.
  5. Accessories for winter – try replacing the most formal items in your wardrobe with more relaxed substitutes. Like maybe instead of carrying your briefcase around, you could sport a canvas backpack. Go for insulated headbands for sunnier days and stocking caps for colder ones. You can also try out some weatherproof shells which are soft garments made of treated fabric that stop the wind and water but provide little insulation.
  6. Use warmer inner layers - Make sure your inner layers are warmer because while you want to look good, you also want to stay warm. You can go for long thermal underwear,  underarmor instead of plain cotton undershirts, chunky jumpers etc.

You can look great and make a great impression no matter what the weather; dressing up for winter doesn’t mean you have to look dull. Let us know what you think about these winter dressing tips for men in the comments.

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