There is God somewhere, we don’t know where he/she resides or how he/she looks and talks, in fact we hardly know God in physical form. But we know there is someone called Mom, Maa, Amma, Aai, or Mother who brought us to this world. Don’t you all think that if we have to define God, we have to define our Mom? Undoubtedly, yes because those problems that we share with God, are actually solved by our mom. God didn’t come to pick us up when we fell down – it was our mom who held us. So, we have to believe that God resides in our mom, God looks and talks through our mom, and the physicality of this concept of God is nothing else than our moms. As a mother’s day gift, therefore, I think spending a quality time with her would be the best gift ever.


We used to be always under her shade in our childhood and life seemed to be so simple. As we grow up and start living in our own world, life becomes complex or complicated. Still, whenever we are upset and she says that “All would be fine and ok”, we believe her and really things change for betterment. So, on this mother’s day, bring all the special things she loves as a gift for mother’s day. Things like orange candies, ice creams, street chaat, or garments and jewelries can be bought for her. In fact it would be really fun if you take her to a ride to the local chaat corner.


There are other things also like a kitchen appliance, cook books, recliners, saree, etc. that can be gifted to her. But something that would add a thrill to her experience would be really a memorable gift. So, announce in the morning that “Mom, its your off from work today”. Spend the whole day in kitchen and prepare dishes she loves. She would really have a victory smile and tears in her eyes with this best mother’s day gift.

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