Selling Swiss watches: what you need to know

Used chronometers from well-known European manufacturers can be a good opportunity to quickly improve your financial situation.
The more famous and popular the brand, the greater the chances of getting good money, getting rid of the old model or buying a new one. For the transaction to be truly successful, you should know where to profitably sell used wristwatches.


Where to sell an expensive accessory?

Before looking for a buyer for a luxury used chronometer, you should choose the most reliable and safe option. It could be:

  • Internet forum. These are communities of watch movement lovers and collectors, where you can communicate with like-minded people, learn news and trends in the precision mechanics industry, and sell or buy used models. The advantages of this method are the opportunity to receive professional advice and product assessment from experts, and to find interested buyers among accessory connoisseurs. Disadvantages - there is a possibility of becoming a victim of fraud or unscrupulous sellers who can falsify documents or hide product defects;
  • thrift stores at pawn shops. These are organizations that provide loans secured by property, including Swiss chronometers. The advantages of this method are the chance to quickly receive money without having to look for a buyer or check his reliability. Disadvantages - you will receive significantly less for your watch than it costs on the market;
  • specialized watch pawnshops are narrow-profile and professional companies that buy and sell expensive luxury watches. The advantages of this method are a high and fair price, which is determined by experienced watchmakers based on the condition, rarity and popularity of the model.
    The most unreliable option is ad sites. These are platforms where you can post information about watches and wait for offers from potential buyers. Here the seller independently sets the price and terms of the transaction, and has a wide selection of platforms for posting an ad. Among the disadvantages is the risk of encountering scammers who may try to deceive or steal an expensive accessory.

In order to find out the exact price of used chronometers in a pawnshop, you need to contact specialists who will conduct a professional assessment of the watch according to all criteria. You can make a preliminary assessment yourself on the company’s official website using an online calculator.

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