Reflective vest is a security alarm on road

A pool of blood, his head almost severed from the body. He went to Murielle with his bicycle, on Monday, no lights, and no reflective vest. In a dimly lit straight stretch of highway 115, a Fiat 500 "Barth" took it in full. Needless braking Marcel, 43 years, took the car windshield, sending shattered. Then, after being dragged for a while ', he remained motionless, lifeless on the asphalt.

Maybe she was going to work. A job in black, like so many in this South where those who want to work are often forced to give up any protection.

In Romania, his native land is perhaps leaving a wife and a child. The same code is often not respected by those born here and there on the road has killed or caused the death of other people. In Cases which reflections about helmets or heavy foot on the accelerator were almost always clouded by legitimate flood of condolences and memories of loved one or friend who is no more?

In this case, however, we are faced with a fact that, sadly skimmed from the emotional component reserved for the "villagers", it is presented in all its rawness and puts those central questions at the heart of a tragedy that more people have termed “announced ".

In many, along the highway, they are in fact found to dodge at the last moment the cyclists (especially among migrants) in the dark without lights or reflectors. Accidents avoided by a hair that led people to wonder why, in spite of what has long been known, the competent authorities have not moved effectively to solve the problem.

Less than a couple of weeks ago, but the day was going to the same thing in the same state for Murielle. Fortunately, however, it seems that the car would respect the speed limits and there were no serious consequences.

Even the world of politics had been made of the pressing demands that, beyond on the general approach to immigration, cannot but make people think.

“The danger of a lack of respect for the laws on highway 115 for Murielle - had written a little less than three months ago, Francesco, provincial coordinator of Italy - where our guests circulating without the slightest compliance with the rules of the road, in the dark and without safety vests, could have dramatic outlets. "

Dramatic opportunities that have unfortunately occurred on time and that will result in predictable rebounds of responsibility, in the maze of confusing responsibilities between municipal administrations.

He accused the mayor Happy Wanderer rejected with a comment piqued, where he also writes that hosted the migrants " have done a course for the use of bicycles ", which were given them visibility vests and even that was obtained " by centers that host immigrants, collaboration to minimize the outputs of the guests during the evening hours . "

But something did not work the same. Of course, the victim was not one of the applicants referred to, but until yesterday the results of the course for the use of bicycles and reflective jackets were not seen by anyone.

Currently, the accident happened Monday night is still ongoing investigations by law enforcement. It will be necessary also to understand what had been the speed of the car that hit Iona Marcel, led by merchant Gaspar Como. And for how many meters the cyclist was dragged before falling on the asphalt. But beyond the safety of those who go by bike, unfortunately dead on the streets of the Belie Valley were many, crossed almost all the usual red thread made of speed and recklessness.

2014 was marred by serious accidents and in 2015, until today, was not far behind.

Only in April, there has been two incidents that should perhaps be given to whether the sanction of excessive speed and dangerous behavior: an accident between a car and a scooter (always on highway 115), with a man in a coma , and a car ends up against trees, with a 20 year old boy who loses his life.

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